Telepathy: Is It The Next Big Thing?

Since we are here because of our spiritual interests we are able to look at and perceive a number of things in various ways. Since we are neither 'stuck' in a viewpoint nor have a rigid and rote methodology to employ, we are completely free and at ease to say and do all sorts of things. Isn't it wonderful to be in a position where we do not get caught up in a web of our own making but instead, are fully willing to experience anything?

When we are fully willing to experience anything we are then free of that same thing - it no longer holds sway over and above us. The trick, of course, is being willing and able to see that, but that is another story.

In our spiritual alignment it becomes inevitable that strange and unusual things occur in our universe. Are these the things which we derive new experiential delight? Hopefully not, but as tricks and traps are designed for our own benefit we sometimes fall prey to them. Despite the odds, if we remain true to our selves, nothing will ever have power over us. We only succumb when we want to, when we willingly give our agreement to do so. But this should not be confused with the normal day-to-day activities in which we encompass our selves.

Spiritual communication is not something which must be learned nor acquired. We already contain this natural element of our being. Despite the fact that we, through great effort, lay waste to our natural characteristics, it remains none-the-less.

From beingness to beingness there is no separation other than that which we ourselves put there. In our efforts of bodily existence we solidify the box in which we place ourselves and so remove ourselves from all else. The barrier of separation is something which we create and expend a large amount of energy in sustaining it's woeful existence. It's not easy casting one's self upon a deserted isle.

In fact, we are never alone nor separated from anything. Isn't it strange that we must look anew at the concept of not being alone. Isn't it strange that with so many spiritual beings in existence we find ourselves lost and destitute hoping for a salvation to arrive outside of ourselves? Yes, we are indeed alone on our self-made island of separation.

But when no separation occurs there is no separation. Communication becomes transparent and endures no dependence what-so-ever. To the degree one is aligned with the universe is to the same degree that no separation exists. What spiritually aware beingness would not understand this most basic of concepts? Telepathy or theta-communication is not some fanciful idea to be entertained with, on the contrary. It is nothing but a dynamic alignment in action. When we have ears to hear, we hear.

But first, we must not be blinded by our own madness. It is to this end in which our spiritual endeavors are directed. As for the rest, it will be what it will be. Do you not hear the sound of beingness or in this too has one turned their back upon?

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