Breaking The Vow of Energetic Emanations

Energy, the way of the peace-full warrior and the n'er-do-well. It's all the latest rage.

The latest rage.

Raging against the torrent of good and evil the battle indeed does rage across the open and closed sky. Playing the gods at a good game of tug-of-war the lightening strikes unceasingly as the Barbarians play out their role and roles - of course in complete ignorance! :-) As time marches ever onward so too do the wayward and the lost always seeming to never quite 'catch up'. Flowing like there is no tomorrow the rulers of today and tomorrow call the shots. Can a slave exist without the master? So who really is in charge?

The answer of course is every last one of us.

Every last one of us.

In the times of change and quantum leaps and bounds the race requires the role of the participants to exercise discretion and utmost care in tending the garden of life and living. Upsetting the apple-cart is not something the so-called 'left-brained' individual can wrap their brains around since the other half has left the field of play. Scoring another victory for the team we are sometimes required to lay down and play dead.

Good little puppy!

Ingesting energetic emanations the digestion process always seems to go just a tad bit easier. Of course the contemplation of the fact that we are eating the wrong foods has absolutely nothing to do with anything. Causality is for kids, not for puppies!

Sometimes dead dogs must remain dead.

Perhaps this is a good time to say that one can lead a horse to water but you still can't make him drink.

So what is the ground to do with the enormous influx of carbon recycling? More offerings to the gods can only take one down the road to a limited degree. No one likes robotic programming do they?

It must be all those episodes of Lost In Space that are coming around to take in an effect. It certainly can't be a Trekker's dream now can it?

Bumping into the the Long Dark Night of the Soul we sometimes wonder just who it is that has rearranged the furniture - yet again! Baktun1 or no baktun time does march ever onward to that great complexity called Waking Up. The depravity of sleep requires one to toss and turn in one's nightmarish torment wondering just when it is that we will be allowed to rise and shine, to great the new day.

Daybreak is always at hand. All you have to do to see it is to look in the right direction.

It's like taking on a new perspective, a new way of looking at things.

So stop staring at the mirror and take in that grand spectacular view of the coming new day.

It was made just for you.

  1. baktun: Maya Long Count Calendar, about 394 years and 6 months. 

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