Connection Problems

How does one establish the understanding that the attention has been dropped-kicked into the suck zone? Can one really take in the perception of there being something wrong in the state of Denmark when we submerse ourselves in that very same state. Of course we cannot because how can one know of something when it is not in our frame of reference. It might as well be invisible - because it is.

In order for perception to do it's job there must be an allowance made for objectivity - to provide for a neutral base from which to perceive. If that neutrality becomes jeopardized then our center of being is pushed one way or another off from it's point of balance. When that balance becomes disturbed our sense of reality goes right along with it. We can try to fool ourselves that our created reality is in fact real but no amount of thinking will get it to be so. We can imagine it to be but that does not make it so.

When we mingle our thought process into the mix we come up with some very interesting times in which to play our games of life and death. From birth to death the created reality will embrace the entire spectrum. Nothing lasts forever - even the wool we pull over our own eyes.

In clouded sight we paint ourselves into a corner and find that our predicament takes on a quality of uncomfortableness. Now there is a problem to be solved but what we are really solving is the consequence. The unbalanced reality with which we have surrounded ourselves with goes unnoticed and unattended. Is this what it means to be in the present moment - to remain in a balanced and aware state without movement, without trying to do anything? Surely one would not be caught unawares unless it was so desired.

When the urge for movement is undertaken all the trying that goes on to cease and desist the outcomes is just wasted space. No matter how many times one resolves a problem another magically appears. It just goes on and on. Would not one become the wiser after a time and notice that though the condition improves the end result remains unchanged? We can fix each and every crash of the car but guess what - nothing changes until we resolve the problem of driving.

Our life problems, each and every one, can be resolved with the human condition becoming improved. Looking at the track record one can misinterpret the signs and proclaim that life has been conquered and all is well. And then another life problem comes along and we stick to the script of habit and struggle to come out on top once again. And again. And again.

So what then has really been accomplished? Have we attended to our own reality to the exclusion of all else?

The difference between one's own reality and reality is that free will can be used and abused to no end with one's own sphere of influence but the other reality - well that is something entirely much different and that difference is called the present moment. Where one extroverts one's control within one's own reality outside of that requires a listening so deep that nothing else matters. You cannot hear the leaf that falls when there is no listening to that which one has no control over whatsoever.

To be a receipt point is to take in all that is fully and completely and be amazed that without you it simply wouldn't exist. But when you matter the most all else fades to black.

You are center stage.

Just don't let it go to your head.

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