Donations For The Underprivileged

This is a commentary post about the plethora of websites which constantly and consistently request your support. Yes, the justifications are so well intentioned are they not? "Help us to help you.", "Without your support we can't provide what we produce for you.", "If you like what we provide for free, support our work." - the list goes on and on in the hopes of someone coming along to splash some cash their way.

Every time I see a donation request on a website it becomes pretty obvious to me that money becomes the medium of exchange. Few are the faith-full who rely upon other means for sustaining the human body.

One website requests donations and then makes no bones about using that money stream in order to go to the movies - for research of course. Yes, the money masters are hard at work and we all should be supporting them to our greatest capacity. And there is no shortage of justifications brought about in twisted concepts just for the sake of convincing someone to part with some moola.

Sure there are costs involved in the production of websites, programs, research etc. but why would one position one's self as being needy? Getting someone else to pay for your own hobby is a pretty neat trick and all that the Jedi mind tricks will do is to point out the obvious. Well, let's say obvious to those who reserve a more balanced view of the tricks and traps of not just New Agers but of the endless variety of charlatans who inhabit the deep dark back-alleys of the Internet.

When money becomes mixed with ideology what then can the ideology be called?

Grabbing cash through conviction is no different than using someone else's credit card to rack up some nice worthless electronics to be proud of. If one wishes to give from the Heart will anything stop it? In the face of this there are a few great examples of how life comes around to help provide for those who do not run to the front of the line with their hat in their hand requesting greenbacks. In learning to live from a heart-based foundation one does not mix material possessions with that which goes well beyond such.

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