Break Dancing (Part II)

For those who have embarked upon the journey of being the last one out in order to turn off the lights, the desire for job satisfaction runs through the roof. Not to be the one who turns off the lights but to be the one who carries forward the day. Battles are lost and won through the means of carrying the day and though there are no battles the effect remains. Strange, but true.

Being part of that loving embrace which is served upon a silver platter to everyone requires a number of conditions which of course are taken upon one's self as a duck to water because by that stage in the game of Life and Living one readily accepts such movements upon the board. It is not a question about duty nor honor but about the understanding that from one's place of residence the movement which occurs creates the experience we encounter, chapter by chapter until the book becomes entirely consumed whereupon perception becomes sanctified and laid to rest at the feet of that which actually rules the roost and from there it becomes impossible for the eye to ever wander again.

Though Man has, and perhaps will continue, to explore every jungle path there could ever possibly be or will be, there are times where the trekkers actually discover that a turning point has been reached whereby something has changed. Perhaps the jungle suddenly turns quiet or an open clearing appears out of nowhere. Perhaps the way quickens the pace or lifts one's mood. It could be attributed to having tread that path but it also could be attributed to one's spiritual growth whereby particular experiences are no longer required in complete deference to one's experience. Though experience creates or brings about desired knowledge it doesn't mean that it is the sole means of a wisdom which redefines one's existence. "I've seen all the facts and they just don't add up."

There are times when one may encounter a moment where the light suddenly and inexplicably turns on. It's probably a fact of life by now that when that light turns on things click in a huge moment of insight where things just suddenly come together without any assistance on one's part and something becomes understood. But it doesn't just become understood there is an underlying awareness that something has happened which as a byproduct has given us wisdom or knowledge about one thing or another. There is something which propels into a very different place from the one we share with others and moves us... and then we think nothing of it as it has now become embedded into our beingness, part and parcel, and we no longer see it as something external to us and has instead become part of the basis from which we perceive. It becomes like trying to look at the looking that we use to see something. We will tend to focus on what it is that we are looking at and not at that which is doing the looking in the first place and as our beingness becomes the awareness point we look out upon the landscape of our dreams and see.

In that incredibly tiny window of opportunity in which beingness alters it's self something amazing occurs which lies just beyond the blazing fires of desire called the mind. When that occurs all one can do is to get down on the floor and boogie...

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