Project Looking Glass : The Merging of The Timeline

Cubes of color reveal all sorts of golden information but of course if one is not quite attuned in the proper direction well then all sorts of grey area matter become standard fare. Checking the Book of Life it becomes plain to see that was is, and what will be has already come to pass and though the feet continue on in their mission of haste it matters not one iota. There are many paths one can travel in this Universe but just don't forget that the Universe comes alive with plans of it's own. Man but tends and toils in the garden of Life and it is these very same two timelines that one comes to catching the wave, following and arriving in due course.

There are many forces involved upon the stage of Life and though we may all seek the limelight of our reckless youth it simply isn't written in the Script. Perhaps CERN will ensure the understanding that following the theory of strings is not just old hat but something which firmly places one's position upon the board. Jousting is but one sport in playing the game.

The mind of Man can create subtle effects and of course these effects become completely missed as their existence is already wholly accepted and consequently ignored as attention continues to be pushed into everlasting boundaries of time and space. Yes, there is no such thing as time and space is purely fiction. Does not the Eye of Glass reveal this to be so? In the mind of Man all sorts of wild imaginings come to be endured but this does not reality make it so. Can the senses be so tuned as to see this?

Wish-full thinking creates the universe in which we find ourselves but does this mean that we have left bread crumbs all over the universe? How does one go from here to there without the recognition of progress? It is in this recognition that the Books of Life come to be bound.

Sooner or later echoes return to meet their demise. This is not a fact of life nor a proven theory but a rule of Law. That which is torn asunder must become whole in the same way as saying, "Think a thought."

Man's progress can be measured using all sorts of gizmos and gadgets but anything that these reveal will be tainted according to perspective. From here one sees and from there one notices perception. No matter where one stands the effects are self-evident if only one were to look. Look-back time does exist and yet in that shallow pool of thought one can ask, "What's the point?" If you do not know where you are going then perhaps one can take the time to understand one's nature - but I doubt it.

It's not about space travel, hidden worlds, dimensional beings or what's in the CrackerJack box. No matter how hard and long one looks you will just be noticing your own reflection and saying, "That's interesting." Yes, one does have a great interest in one's self which is of course the reason why timelines come back unto themselves. It's not the message but the messenger.

Did you get that?

Believe it or not all time exists coincidentally. Just because the human mind filters and files information in a particular manner does not take away from the fact of that which is, is. Most humans have a problem with that because of the immediacy of their own concerns and breaking free of that is rarely contemplated much less exercised.

In order to track the currents which ebb and flow in this Universe one must become attuned to it's frequency of vibration. Harmony is something much more than just walking in step to the beat of the music, it requires a keen perceptive insight bypassing the mind's experiential delight of 'living the moment' to it's fullest.

But let's get beyond that.

It can be said that there is always a future to predict, a future where hopes and dreams can be allowed to unfold but the harsh reality of it all is that what is required to be presented for encounter will be presented no matter what anyone thinks or says about it. In this respect perhaps there is more at stake than simply one man's fancy of dreaming the dream of well being. It is true, Man is neither at the helm nor even close to the oars.

There are all sorts of tricks and traps to entertain one's self with in peering and struggling to pierce the veil of time. Good luck to you! There is no greater force in this universe than the force of ignorance which drives many a men to madness. The planet is full of such beings already, why add your own to the heap?

Though the future can be well laid out in detail and glory that doesn't mean that it will. The unknown is known for a reason so while one can enjoy the moment there is so very much more at stake than a casual Sunday drive 'round the neighborhood. In the confluence of the great waters of life and living events come to pass and they will. Though the fear-full remain so does not mean that the rest cannot simply get on with it. Perhaps that is what is meant as being left behind. Perhaps that is the consequence of the lies, deceit and trickery of taking the reigns of slavery and driving full-out to the pasture. No one is safe as there is no such thing as safety. Why else is there such proclamations as a 'war on terror' than to unbalance and justify the extensions of the good ole times. It is true that as the great game is played out the desperate tend to attempt to frantically delay the inevitable and yet salivate in lustful dementia to be like everyone else. Hardly.

Timelines are created for just this reason. When all routes have been tried and true what else can one do but to release the hold? The difference here is that it becomes a willful one achieved voluntarily - and that makes a world of difference.

Growing up can be hard to do but that is what growing up is all about is it not? When we move beyond the immediacy of ourselves what then do we find?

I suppose we are about to find out.

16 Feb 2012

In Summary

In regards to Project Looking Glass I would like to summarize thusly:

Candy for the races of Man, offering change in awareness perspective.

All time and times co-exist as there is no such concept other than in the mind of Man. Assumed devices such as a looking glass are neither unique nor rare and typically show themselves according to the concept of evolutionary progression. Just because both time and evolution exist solely in concept does not mean that the same proclivity is not also used in bringing balance.

Binge drinking can sometimes be addressed through the appropriate use of pink elephants.

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