Why Live the Illusion When It Is Not Real

One of the things that I have mentioned quite a bit is that no one can be forced to do that which they are unwilling to do. There are those who make it their life’s work to break a person so that they become willing. Breaking the proclivity towards the expression of free will is actually a very easy thing to do. It’s not a secret by any means as one can easily see the effects by watching just about any sit-com where the observer becomes enticed to harmonize with the various characters. What the character feels, the observer feels and that is how the so-called ‘free will’ becomes tainted - not by sly and devious means but by the very simple fact of getting the being to agree to something it would not otherwise be inclined to agree with. Sure, the road taken to achieve the ending results can be a long and winding road but that is not the point, determination is. It’s like taking into consideration every possible excuse so that the target has no other choice than to capitulate. It’s an on-going trap designed to reign attention along particular lines typically just short of setting off the being’s alarm bells. This could perhaps be consider ‘sly and devious’ but that scenario requires irresponsibility be brought into play.

Each and every being in this universe, and all others, are solely responsible for their own actions, their own thoughts, concepts and ideas. Placing justification for one’s actions upon some ‘outside’ authority is simply a way of a being trying to get out from under a spell too heavy to bear. This ‘spell’ can take many shapes and forms but the common denominator is refusal to face the traits one has embraced. For each and every action there is consequence and many times there is no way out left when conflicting purposes come to pass other than to assign responsibility to something far removed from source. In this ‘safe’ environment conflict appears to resolve itself but of course the underlying duality remains. This is what helps to create the sense of being - opposition to one’s nature.

Can one come to know of one’s nature through opposition?

The answer is of course - of course not! Creating opposition creates the duality of one’s nature. “You are therefore all is.” Though it provides a sense of ‘uniqueness’ in which one may take refuge the reality is that in the creation of effects nothing changes. Yes, you read that right. Even though a beingness comes to be created in an appearance of opposition to one’s nature there is no such thing. You are just as you are and though through the mental faculties anything can, and typically is, created no actual change takes place. As any good magician knows, appearances can be deceiving but like any good sit-com there is an enticement to ‘play along’.

The choice is yours and yours alone. You may play along for as long and as hard as you wish but it really doesn’t matter because you are still you and will ever remain so. To live is to die and through the wheel of Life and Living another sit-com episode unfolds expressly for your viewing pleasure. Whether you laugh or cry during the emotional roller coaster ride of sensory pleasure we all come to rest whether we like it or not at the end of the ride. Sooner or later what comes to pass does indeed come to pass and though we may fight tooth and claw in order to refuse to believe, belief has nothing what-so-ever to do with it. With each perspective comes tunnel vision. It’s a good reason to invent vision quests where one’s foundation, aka perspective point, becomes shaken to such a degree that we have no other choice than to see things differently. One need not ‘get away from it all’ in order to widen one’s narrow field of view but perhaps some may need a distraction in order to break the pattern of self adoration while gazing in the waters of the Pond of Life.

That distraction is what situations like ‘free will’ provide. You always have a choice even after making a choice.

There are two very important rules when it comes to the spiritual realm aka non-biological based instances of eternity:

  1. There are no rules.
  2. See number one.

Happiness can be defined as having things go one’s way and it’s polar opposite as being contrary. The compelling factor is one’s beingness and all of the traits and characteristics that go along with it. While this is a very limiting occupation it doesn’t mean that it becomes exclusive of all else. Try as we may to deny who or what we really are there is nothing which can change the reality of such. We can don different clothes and pretend otherwise but like any good mind-altering mesmerizing ‘human’ channel of emotional content we have the choice to partake or to leave such drugs to those who have need of them. How can one take interest in the drama of others if one is well established within one’s self?

The answer is one cannot. But for those whose turmoil prevents such all I can say is to follow the rules of the road and let nature take it’s course. Wanting it any other way is just enticement for entertainment to arrive at your doorstep just waiting for you to let it in. Your castle is you and you alone are responsible for not only what comes in through the gate but for what goes out as well.

Isn’t it high time that you faced that fact? Isn’t high time that you paid careful attention to your own attention, distraction and thought processes? Isn’t it time to cease and desist the effort of becoming and not just ‘be’ but to understand that which you really are? I’m not referring to the various clothes which you have overshadowed yourself with but to that which underlies all expression - you as source. You are source and your expression, life.

Why live the illusion when it is not real?

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