At The Pond... of Life

In the forest, there is said to exist a pond within which answers could be gazed upon and questions dissolved. It is said that the Gods were in good favor on that day of creation, when the pond was formed out of Eternity and came into existence. Qualities of Life were used to build this pond, and those who have approached this small body of water, have come away filled with something appearing quite strange and perplexing to those who have come into contact with the Seeker.

Life, evolving from moment to moment, captures the essence of all and reinvents itself eternally, but at the pond of Life, nothing evolves for the essence has already been captured and entombed within it. When a Spark of Creation encounters the Pond of Life, Eternity dances with new-found delight.

Occasionally, the animals of the forest venture past the foliage and discover the pond, hesitantly moving towards it's banks, feeling a deeper sense of peacefulness with each step that is taken. Some of the animals never return to the forest, while others return not the same.

From the pond, after drinking deeply of it's waters, fullness seems to remain, sparking a new-found understanding of what was forgotten. Loosing oneself in forgetfulness, the thirst for Life replenishes. Nothing is ever forgotten, nothing remains to remember. The blessed waters are eternally carried within us, all we need do is nothing.

Upon the waters of reflection, eternity seems to exist although unreal and imaginary. Closing one's eyes to dream, we live in other moments of time. Being here now, we cannot be as we immerse ourselves within the reflections and refuse to believe that what we don't see is not real.

Becoming free of the pond of Life, we realize that the imagination carries us away to places and moments beyond our control. Remembering, we return to our selves to discover nothing.

Sparks fly at the pond while the animals come and go. The door to reality is always busy.

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