Beyond The Arcturian Facade

Here is another update of my research on dimensional fabrication of space and mind-set functionality dealing with the Arcturian Affair. As you already know, creating individual mind-traps is a game that is based on time measurements beyond qualitative viewpoints. Subjective time frame reference has little to do with impingement events. Many times these events totally reshape ongoing plots or "destiny", and can establish or even re-establish time according to the needs and wants of the director.

The Arcturian civilization was the first event which attempted to merge "imagination" and "reality" in covering up the redirection that was going on. Some previous researchers in this area came up with the expression: "When imagination and reality merge, you are there." This very aptly describes how to overcome the first of the blocks that were created.

When imagination and reality merge the confusion that results is the desired effect. The individual, in their need for stable data, will automatically grasp one or the other. Few will ride it out and thereby overcome this initial "suggestion". (As a side effect of overcoming this initial block, the individual is set up to delve into another event which predates the Arcturian Affair. This event impinged acceptability of solidity, and reinforced the notion that thoughts must be fixated over time.)

In due respect to those who have investigated the Arcturian Affair before me, my research line is not new or unique. One of my strengths is that I can pick up sub-clearing events and move the event closer in time. Making it appear more solid reveals it's true nature, which is one of the basic principals of this universe. I tend not to create new events or clearing and sub-clearing events. My nature leans towards revealing the mysterious rather than creating the mysterious, but admiring the beauty of creation lends credence to admiring the beauty of uncreation, or destruction. Depending upon where your mind-frame is at, this could have several meanings and repercussions.

The Arcturian civilization was ephemeral and has a substance-less feel to it. It seems real but doesn't feel real. It is like seeing a ghostly image, noticing that the background is visible right through the image. Changing position to view the image reveals the same effect. Which is real, the ghostly image, or the background which can be seen through it, or are they both real? The perception event hangs suspended in the mind as the individual continues on their way, but now all forthcoming perceptions are clouded by being compared to this unresolved image. All perceptions are questioned as to being real or imagined.

There are several following impingement events that play upon the "real or imagined" concept, but these are locks and should only be addressed if the individual cannot handle the Arcturian Affair directly. To set up the run, ask: "Is the Arcturian Affair real or imagined?". What communication is received will tell you the direction to take, but you must first be very clear on this event or else the individual will follow your lead by taking your mind-reference to validate their own imaginations.

If you will notice, I have already set up your run for you. If this event does not indicate, then your presence at the event was missed. <grin> Alternatively, a "real or imagined" run may reveal the Affair.

So what, exactly, lies behind the Arcturian civilization? Real or imagined of course! This impingement event was created to stabilize reality. It also, as a by-product, had the effect of being a lock on the earlier "solidity" event. The term, "Solid Sanctuary" comes to mind. That is another topic for another time.

By the way, these impingement events are always defined by attaching one or two (sometimes more) words to them which have double, if not more, meanings. For example, the "Arcturian Affair", besides being the impingement event, it was also used to describe the emotive state of a certain participant. The word Arcturian was used to describe a chameleon-like (changing reality) characteristic.

The actual event that occurred is individual based. Within each mind-reference, an environment was created to suit each individual, based upon that individual's storehouse of pictures. This created environment would initially confuse the individual and a state of "stable data" would be born. As the individual starts their hunt for stable data, the created environment would be changed. This would keep the individual in a constant searching mind-frame, which of course allows for the introduction of arbitrary stable data.

In one environment, the individual may question the reality of it. The director would then make some showy, and sometime elaborate, example of how "real" the environment is to them, and encourage the individual to do the same.

These reality environments would be demonstrated until the individual willingly accepts each one as "real". At this point, the event director would make a run of "imaginary" environments until the same effect is created, at which point the "real" and "imaginary" environments would then be intermixed until the individual willingly accepts the directors adjudication.

Review of the process has the director demonstrate that how "real" something is, is that which others agree on, and how the individual should accept other's reality in order to have others accept the individual's reality. The individual is encouraged to go out and solidify reality so that everyone can enjoy it.

Once the correct mind-set has been produced within the individual, they became part of the Arcturian civilization and were instructed to remain there until enough individuals could be brought together, and sent out all once, to create a wonderful new reality. (For some reason these people became convinced that "reality" had to happen all at once, or else it just wouldn't work. This was probably done in an attempt to get each individual to agree to "play along".)

The wispy image of the civilization is the effect of this impingement event, and the demonstration of the timeline has produced a coalesced version of a "reality" that is still dominated and controlled by those very same event directors. This is not to say that these types of events are contrary to the perception of "survival", they merely define how we arrived at where we are today. If you know that, then you will know where it is we are going.

I've given you a shortened version of the actual events, mainly because writing has it's limitations for me - not in expression of thought, but in continuity of effort. I pass the effort of discovery to you.

As a side note: events are events and should not be perceived as negative "implanting" or "power gathering" or even "games". Your perception of events recreates the timeline, but the only time that actually exists is this moment. Everything else is mind-reference.

04-12-00 update:

Following the causality line is not always the proper approach to take when diving into certain areas in the name of exploration. If you are unable to make the distinction between thoughts (which encompasses imagination) and "reality" then seeking pinpoint locations and time frames will most likely be intertwined as well. Actually, it is not really necessary. Time can be looked upon as being beneficial in placing events into proper order, but once outside of this consideration, events can become dependent upon other, seemingly incongruent, events. In fact, this approach has been, and continues (in certain arenas) to be used for further defining particular event frameworks.

When seemingly resolved events reappear, it can be an indicator of a multiple event framework taking place. Either that, or the imagination/reality factor has kicked in, in which case anything goes.

The Arcturian Affair cannot be placed "here" or "there", the degree of location defines the degree of time conceptualization. Either time is the tool, or you become the tool of time. Don't get me wrong, time does serve a purpose when clearing disturbing personal events, but for those who stop reinforcing the idea, the eternity of now is ever present. What a way to start the day!

04-16-00 update:

The term so loving used by others to deny responsibility is really inappropriate. Implanting concepts can never be accomplished without the individual's agreement. This does not necessarily indicate that the individual has prior "wrongs" on which agreement by guilt is based upon. The only force in this universe is that which you create.

The environmental demonstrations and ensuing agreements were created based upon the individual's willingness to agree. In this case it was their willingness to be a part of something on a grand scale which would create a reality that we could all use for our enjoyment for a long, long time. There is no "right" or "wrong" associated with the Arcturian Affair. It is an event. From a mind-reference, you will find it to be otherwise. That is by it's very nature.

You don't have to grasp with this one. You have to let go. I'm not going to go into processing differentiation again. :-)

05-21-00 update:

Beyond the Arcturian Affair lies the event horizon. There is always something more, and will always be something else. The give and take of event processing produces a separation of consciousness and mindfulness.

Personally, I love the exploration of discovery and enjoy the fact that this view is shared among others. The nice thing about this type of discovery that is being done is it redefines our own personal bounds of existence and the universe ripples with it's effects. The next time you're bored, watch another discover event processing and notice the ripples that it generates.

With personal processing our own universe ripples with effect. Beyond that, the universe awaits as we become the effect and "catch the wave".

I've been asked to share my view on the term "transitory thetan", but there really isn't much to say. When the thetan recognizes that something is creating thoughts, and cannot "become" that something, then the search commences. The thetan "knows" that it's days are numbered. :-)

Once you "become" something, then the mind is in full gear. Becoming nothing is the inside joke of all ages.

On another research line, I've been looking into "independent" viewpoint placement. CBR did some great work in this regard, but you know what they say: "The "re"search must go on!".

If you've ever left an "independent" viewpoint hanging outside of time, waiting for a particular event to occur before it activates, then you are probably already aware of the concept of "owning["/] your creations. Taking this to the next step, and disregarding the concept of time as an operating principal within the physical universe brings the notion that ownership doesn't exist.

The illusion of power creates the illusion of existence. Polarizing this concept allows one to not exist, a scary prospect for some, but in fact it is a reality. Demonstrating existence through creations is not the way to go. All roads lead to Rome, but the road you take is the road you make.

Now where did I put my lab overcoat? :-)

10 Jun 2000 update:

Responses indicate that the Arcturian Affair seems real enough, although some of the concepts put forth are about as wistful as the evocative images presented. Pretty funny, indeed.

The best thing that I can say is: move forward.

Yes, that is purposefully indicative of future time events.

If you are following any of the other research lines, then you know that research, good or bad, presents wonderful new concepts and ideas for our exploration. I note research reports about as much as Joe HuMan notes the morning paper: with interest and expectation. There isn't a right or wrong, only your idea of it. Conceptualization, rationalization and intellectualization will drive us to the ends of the Earth for solutions. There are no solutions, only events to either be immersed within, or to be taken as part of the whole.

Events ARE, you ARE, but what IS?

Ok, it's a crazy "thought for the day". :-)

I'm done with this line for the time being. If you have anything new to add please let us know. Your individual research notes, on this and any other line, are always warmly appreciated.1

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  1. Note: This article was posted to the newsgroup using the identity 'Chance-llor' and prefaced with:

    I've been encouraged by others who I am in contact with to share this information with you in the chance that it may be of some use along individual research lines.

    Nothing that I have written should be taken literally or without at least some skepticism. Researching timelines, major events and physical universe impingements should be looked upon with skepticism - and there is a valid reason for that.

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