Controllers? I Think Not!

Earth has been called the 'Prison Planet'. It's also been called 'Paradise'. As a matter of fact, it's been called just about every name in the book, but so has every other planet in the universe. Being here is nothing special and it is no different than being in some other environment. Anyone can be anywhere, but to really know where you are is another matter entirely.

Knowing where you are, right at this moment, could also be called 'being in present time'. There is no past, other than in the imagination, and there is no future, other than what is created in the imagination.

The past comes alive only within the pictures we create for it. It is never at the 'now' moment of time, although the pictures are viewed in the now. What clearing attempts to do is to take the individual out of their pictures and have them realize that all they are doing is looking at their imagination, all the time.

Gradient clearing, eases the individual into the realization that living life through the imagination has the negative effect of missing what is going on 'now'. Postulating the future works in the same way, where the individual creates an imaginary 'future' and sees nothing else. This could be called a 'future fixation', which is defined as the opposite to a 'past fixation'.

This past and future fixation begs the question of a 'now fixation', but this could only occur if the 'now' is as imaginary as the past and the future are. If each moment in the time stream of life is lived at that moment, then there is little need for a past or a future and once these concepts are accepted then the 'now' ceases to exist.

This 'now' concept can create dizziness and uncertainty, but those effects are the result of the loss of the time fixation. Releasing the fixation on time, 'now' becomes alive with a wonder that everything else pales when compared to.

If you are hoping for a better job, a more successful career, greater spiritual awareness or becoming 'cause' over life, then all you are doing is fixating yourself on the principal of time. Letting go of self-imposed restraints is not always easy, but you already know what it is like without them, why continue to try to convince yourself otherwise?

The most coveted particle in this universe is not admiration. Little is gained with conceit, or pride of self. What is most sought after is pictures. Everyone makes them compulsively and unrelentingly, insisting that those around them accept their pictures and vise versa. This universe is like the coloring book of a two year old, pictures crudely colored and discarded, and the quantity seems to be in direct relation to the desire for more, which of course never seems to end. That is what defines experience.

If the individual were to remove themselves from this frenzied activity, perception becomes reality and the time of 'now' expands to include all time. Then it would be realized that there is 'no time like the present', when the concept is used.

Many times, those who pursue clearing, are looking for the entertainment value. There are few who actually seek to understand it's purpose and aim. For those that seek entertainment, there will always be entertainers. Those who you come into contact with will surely be the indicator. Life reflects our needs and desires, take the hint.

The earnest will always gain what they seek. Clearing is not difficult nor burdensome. It is what you make it. You don't need years of training, thousands of dollars worth of auditing or certificates of merit. You don't even need mechanical devices to 'assist' you. All that is needed is desire and with it, all your goals will be achieved. In time of course. :-)

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