Calling All Entities

Entities exist. They have always existed and probably always will. This is a lie of course, but it makes for a good lead-in. Entertainment has that quality.

Processing entities can be a full time job. For some it never ends. This is the nature of entity processing. What you look for, you will find, but those floating spheres of responsibility are neither. Consider them to be iron particles and you as the magnet. As long as you are charged, they will surely come. So what is the use of trying to clear up the effect?

When an individual is immersed within the entity concept, they continuously seek these floating specks of annoyance around them. Responsibility for circumstance and events are assigned to these little devils who always seem to cause trouble and never seem to be helpful in the least. Well, if that is the case, then the opposite should be addressed, psychic 'help-mates'. Remember, what you seek is what you will find and using the argument that others 'see' them too will only validate your own imagination.

Whether entities are assigned positive or negative attributes means little when compared to the concept of their 'use'. You are the magnet, would you like to attract something else? Processing entities so that they will leave you alone and stop causing you trouble is funny indeed. You make your own trouble. Is that called empowerment? I hope not.

When an individual reaches the point of processing entities, mind becomes a 'space case', ripe for all sorts of interesting twists and turns. When you begin to become bored with your own imagination, there is always the use of someone else's. The mind's imagination is only bound by your desire for more. Instead of seeking entertainment elsewhere, maybe the thought of understanding the origin and purpose of imagination would be of greater benefit.

Pictures are created by the mind. Mind is the drug, you are the addict, watching it's every effect. At what point will you allow reality to be once again experienced?

Entities are imaginary to the degree that you are.

11 Jun 2000

I just realized that some think that the reason of processing entities is that they are pointers to what needs to be resolved within ourselves. This is an interesting concept. If the perception of life is used to help defines one's own character, then that would be positive. Life is a reflection of ourselves, if the attention is put on that, then entities are still secondary.

If the entities are not clearing up, this means that the individual just isn't getting it. When this is the case, it doesn't matter to what extent entities are processed, nothing changes.

Over time, the realization of responsibility may occur, if not, then fixation on the process occurs in which case the individual remains stuck in time. When this occurs, it's time for a new process. Create something, anything, just to help the individual dissolve the fixation. Stable data is not what is used to be.1

  1. Note: This article was posted to the newsgroup using the identity 'Chance-llor' and included the following:

    Entertainment, of dubious value, for your pleasure.



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