Identification, Are You Me?

Sages make mention of the fact that we are what we perceive. The world is as we make it. Does this mean that I have created you just as you are?

The mind plays all sorts of games, but reality never changes. We are the same, and yet individually unique. While mind requires definitive answers, we are not so restricted. Imagination requires no sense of 'correctness', nor validity of accepted 'truths'. Where mind restricts, imagination expands.

Imagination created the mind and the world in which we create for our viewing pleasure. We are not imagination, but what drives the concept. Our dreams is the reality of existence we surround ourselves with. You are part of the existence, as I fullfill the part required within yours.

Separation is the mind's idea of categorization and the ensuing entry into the ever insufficient informational database. Identification is what is used to correlate our 'knowledge' and to come to some sort of 'decision'. This, of course, leads to action, whether right or wrong. Action creates additional input without which the mind turns in upon itself.

Once this occurs, freedom finds it's way to you, whereby you are no longer required to act out on my stage of life. The same applies on your stage of life. It's the ripple effect. Catch the wave.

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