Mind Knowledge

According to a particular, in some circles popular, belief there are four factors which define activity: time, place, form and event. Precisely locating each aspect of the factors is supposed to relieve certain 'upsetting' events and the resulting future consequences. I don't agree with that concept mainly because it is extremely restrictive. What it does is attempt to have the mind feel better about itself, and to experience the resulting 'high' of 'feeling good' that it has overcome it's own 'errors'.

When I say 'mind', I am not referring to the brain, but to the bank of knowledge that each identity carries with it. The thetan, being an identity, uses this bank of information in interacting with the environment. The accumulation of data, over time, can become confusing and contradictory. These are the instances that clearing desires to remove, but the basis of operation remains the same.

TIME exists only within the mind and is not important. PLACE helps the mind to define a location within the time track, and is useless as well. FORM is of secondary importance, which cannot exist without EVENT. In the hierarchy of experience, EVENT dominates.

Breaking out of the mind, time becomes subjective - it is whatever you want it to be, where in actual fact, there is no such thing. Time becomes immaterial.

As a side note here, I must say that gradient processing does require immersion within the mind. Sometimes, it is better to make the mind more real, before the realization of "I am not the mind" occurs. I keep referring to UCP, not as a preferred method of clearing, but as a good example in the interest of communication. UCP inherently generates this gradient, and the processee many times does not even consciously know what is actually occurring. ;-)

PLACE, in combination with TIME is the filing system used by the mind in it's never-ending quest and thirst for 'knowledge'. It never ends. That's it's job. It's job is also to tell you it's results, conclusions, theories, etc., etc. You've been listening very attentively to it's communications, but pampering it to make it do it's job better will never release you from it's hold over you. Clearing the mind just makes the machinery work better, but in the end, it's still just that - machinery

Event processing takes place outside of the mind where there is no time, no place, and the only forms that exist are those that result from the events that you have created. Forms are the ripples that expand from the moment of creation.

If you want to feel better about climbing in a car, driving through traffic, and doing your job day in and day out, then I suggest clearing that is more mind-based, be used. Mind-based clearing works wonderfully for those who wish to gain power, be popular, reach 'states' of being and generally be better than everyone else. The mind just loves this sort of thing.

If, on the other hand, you wish for something greater, not just for yourself, but for all those that you have included in your world, then I suggest a non mind-based clearing method.

I've written this in a way that validates your mind, and that validates yourself as well. You and your creations can both win. In that resonance, nothing matters.

Some of these concepts are in direct contrast to accepted and familiar ways of perception. Knowing that the above are only thoughts of interest will help to quiet any uneasiness that may be felt. I am right, or wrong, to the degree that you want me to be.

update 12 Feb 2000

Intellectualization is one of the founding principals of Scientology. It 'explains' away everything. That is an indicator.

update 18 Feb 2000

Being 'right' or being 'wrong' entraps oneself. Baggage, no matter the amount, the condition or importance, remains as baggage. Conceptualizing 'outside of time' can lead to perception in much the same way as an opposition terminal reveals our true nature.

Snap, crackle, pop! :-)

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