Picture Perfect

Processing pictures leads to the state of "Clear". Processing more pictures leads to the state of "Operating Thetan". Processing even more pictures leads to the wonderful state of "Total Freedom". Pictures are worth a thousand words and several "states" of being. Where do you want to go today?

Picture processing supposedly releases us of undesired moments in time and revivifies the sense of "freedom", but what are these "pictures" and what is the purpose of "erasing" them?

Pictures define the identity we choose and the way we color our world. The world really is, not as it is, but as we see it. Our storehouse of pictures is a reminder of how we can avoid "pain", and so the tendency is to accumulate as many pictures as possible, to assist us in clearing defining what is pain and what is not-pain.

The seeking of "not-pain" drives the creation of memory banks, full of usefully "useless" knowledge. Picture processing seeks to eliminate all of these pictures, and thereby create the sense of "freedom" or "not-pain". Of course, as fast as these pictures are removed, more are added. It is the nature of the concept.

Pictures do not define who or what we are. They are only tools, used for purposes clearly not understood by an overwhelming majority of "people". The single goal of picture removal solidifies the concept and inhibits the understanding of the picture process.

UCP, so frightening to those who subscribe to this view, demonstrates that the creation of pictures contains purpose. This may not always be readily ascertained during the process, but it is much more likely to occur in relation to alternatives.

The simple and unadorned path is not for everyone. Some like to become entertained as they travel the road to self-discovery. Picture processing entertains us, UCP imparts the capability of going beyond "the soaps".

Don't get me wrong, UCP is not a complete answer to your picture making frenzy, but it does help to point the way in a much simpler and extremely faster method.

All methods of understanding are only that - methods. Choosing one over another should not be based upon how well it correlates with your own storehouse of pictures. Understanding will be as you want it to be, but the concept of closing doors does not end with one particular idea or event.

There is a lot of good methods available, choose what works and know what doesn't. In the end, all that you will be left with is knowing why your picture making frenzy occurs and that you can't get out of something that you were never in.

Pictures are worth a thousand words, but event processing can take care of that. :-)

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