Event Processing

Event processing approaches consciousness from an action perspective. Mind-clearing approaches consciousness as if the mind, and that which uses it, are one and the same.

Consideration is not action. Postulates are not action. These require pictures for their existence. What is action? Action is the impingement upon the physical universe of consciousness. The mind is useful in this regard, but is certainly not necessary.

Once outside of the realm of pictures, consciousness defines itself as it sees fit. Where postulates require pictures and effort, actions by consciousness knows no bounds. The action, or 'event', as I have called it, is something that needs no processing or understanding. To reach the event horizon is to become stationary without form or place. The world is your dream, to use as you see fit.

Event processing is an idea, not a method or practice, but it is not one that can be 'experienced' directly.

As a concept, with the possibility of exploration, I welcome you to it. It is not my_ concept or idea and I make no claims to any conceptualized methodology.

How to get there: Use any possibility, mind based or not. Notice the mind and who, or what, is perceiving it. Notice the actions of the mind and it's dependance upon pictures. You, as an individual, do not need pictures to percieve, so are you ready to do without them? The emptyiness that comes about is the fullness of self.

To clear the planet there is only one place to start and that place is yourself. If you don't have all the answers, then why teach something that is not fully understood. Something is not better than nothing, when the whole idea is to remove that 'something'; and once you have the answers, the urge to 'exist' on all dynamics becomes a moot point.

Freedom is just another state of being, the same as 'thetan', 'OT', or 'aware'. Don't be a state. Just be youself, the rest will be taken care of.

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