Between Lives, Where Will It End?

Scientology mind-processing is in it's infancy and according to the 'highest authority' on the subject, it is earmarked for that state in perpetuity. In other words, it's a dead subject. Luckily, some benefits can be garnered from walking the dead end street of despair. It prepares the individual for future growth.

Mind-processing taunts the ego with happiness, power and the totality of freedom. It's a slick sell, but there is something for everyone.

"Where have you been." [past]
"Where will you go." [future]

"What have you done." [past]
"What will you do." [future]

"Where are you now?" [present]

Processes are like conversations, individual and unique to each person. Robotic scripture inevitably leads to robotic dramatization. Finding the 'right' process that will be 100% workable on 100% of the people begs the question; who is fooling who?

The processor, like any good teacher, must be flexible and possess an insight into the nature of the processee. This takes effort, but baring that, following written procedures and processes will surely do, but it is not the way towards a true understanding of mind-clearing.

Before clearing can occur, there must be an understanding of what clearing is. What is it that is being cleared? Who is doing the clearing. What are the effects of doing clearing, on both the processee and the processor.

There is a symbiosis between the instructor and the student. The student can only progress as far as the teacher. The more complex and twisting the teachers methods, the more the student will be unable to attain the time honored code of conduct; listen and be taught.

Mind clearing is the effort directed toward the action of removing self-defined blemishes from the mind's vast storehouse of pictures. The past comes alive and the future possesses the ability 'to have' through the use of pictures. Postulates, considerations, deductions, evaluations, all these terms use pictures as a requirement in their expression and all fail in their promise of bringing forth a 'reality' that will be pleasant to experience.

Want a good time? Create some pictures that make you feel good. Need to feel sorrowful? Create some pictures to make you feel sad. You become the effect of your creations, and the mind is no exception. Whatever the emotion or state of being you wish for, these all can only be experienced through the use of pictures.

The mind was created as a tool to be used in gathering experiences, thoughts and hopes, all in the form of pictures, to help us define the universe around us. Everything that is perceived is processed through the mind first, compared, evaluated and considered in relation to pre-existing 'knowledge'. Actions are surmised and the appropriate solution computed and delivered. The mind tells us what to do.

If you reach a decision through the use of pictures, then you are using the mind's functions. If an action comes forth without effort or 'knowledge' then the pictures and the mind will be missing.

Mind-clearing will provide better picture reception, and hopefully result in a better awareness of the mind's functions and purpose. Sometimes, the individual will stop and look at all the pretty pictures for all eternity, but sooner or later eternity ends. ;-)

I've mentioned event-clearing as a possible alternative, even though I have yet to provide any route to and through it. That will probably remain as it is, mainly because if you are ready for it, then you probably don't need it. :-) Besides that, I have no death wish.

The mind is the front man for the individual. That's a strange way of putting it because the individual is not 'the thetan', 'the spirit', or any other moniker. Consciousness impinges upon the physical universe through the dream of 'theta'. Mind captures moments of time and thereby creates continuity. It makes for a level playing field.

Over 'time', the dream becomes all-encompassing. The mind is immersed within 'living'. Life becomes all we see and believe, but you already know otherwise, how else could you 'arrive' at where you are now?

'Waking up' or becoming more 'aware' seems silly once you stop trying to convince yourself of being anything else but what you are. What else is necessary for you to do to REALLY convince yourself otherwise.

If clearing wakes us up, are you now asleep to the world and to your actions? Hardly. Resting maybe, but certainly not asleep.

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