Battle Scarred

I don't think that even the creator of UCP knows the actual origins of the UCP technique of processing. (Of course, I could be wrong, but this seems to be a good starting point).

Scientology, as you may have surmised, is not a new concept. Part of the draw of this clearing method is that it uses past track events and keys these in to create a particular desired effect. These days, Scientologists are more like robots than what was at first envisioned. But this is purposefully activity.

Scientology, long ago, had similar beginnings to what you are accustomed to. It also became 'flashy', just the same as the concept that is encouraged now. Scientology was, and is, loved because of the glossiness of it's covers. I'm not just talking about the dramatization through it's printed literature.

UCP was also around at that time, and actually predates Scientology by a large margin. UCP was available for much longer, but did not, and does not, have 'mass' appeal, so only those that really wanted this type of clearing, got it. You had to seek it out, unlike Scientology that found it's way to you whether you liked it or not.

The methodology was, and still is, simple. This does not make good copy, but earnest seekers of truth do not care for such things. In fact, that is why the popularity of the process is about nil. Are you getting the concept of it's purpose yet?

Clearing is easy. It's simple and effective and only needs embellishment by those who enjoy making something out of nothing. Another way of saying this is that games are created for enjoyment. Scientology and it's methods are a game. UCP is not.

The Universal Clearing Process is named 'universal' for that reason, and it's not for everyone. Clearing is not for everyone. Sometimes the daydreamer would rather not be awaken just yet. Taking another's right of decision away, as is done with Scientology, does have consequences. On a lazy afternoon, go visit Flag and observe how the sense of 'freedom' is dramatized, while in reality other valences, from other times, are in total control.

Scientology survives from period to period relatively immune to changes. It has to, or else the desired effects will not be forthcoming. UCP flows through time. If you can, observe the time flow of each and you will see the difference between effort and non-effort.

The bottom line is that either method works. The road, long or short, makes little difference when the destination is reached. Experience-wise, it is another story. It's not the process or the method, it's the mind-set of the individual that counts.

UCP is not 'my' territory. From a research standpoint, it contains some very interesting depth. Where Scientology-based methods are shallow in promises and shallow in purposes, UCP contains some very interesting promises and purposes. I'd love to hear from anyone who has explored, not the processing method, but the depth of purpose.

update 16 Oct 1999

The Sea Org forcefully carries out Scientology aims and purposes. Did you know that at one time, the sole purpose of this 'elite' unit was to eradicate UCP from existence? The reason is obvious, but not necessarily correct. From what I discovered, marketing the Scientology methodology required the domination of other clearing-based methods. This caused quite a stir as many of those with authority knew of UCP as it has been processed and passed down through various lines. There were a few battles fought over this, but the UCP adherents could only lose. It is the nature of UCP. What you see today of the Sea Org, is a shallow shell of it's former self. UCP is no longer the threat, but looking at this from outside of the mind bank, it can be seen that the Sea Org is suffering from consequences. It is a dead avenue of exploration. That is the 'power' of UCP.

There is a lot more to this Scientology/clearing/UCP experience, but none of it really matters if the overlaying concepts are understood.

Scientology is for the general public. It 'sells' well. Notice the difference in the life -understanding tone level between those who use each method. Once announces 'states' of being with dramatized tone levels, while the other knows no 'states' and many times can place themselves in the correct tone, which is usually much further below than what is proudly proclaimed by the former example.

Honesty, integrity and lack of faith. The Honesty to be what you are, the Integrity to act as you are and the lack of faith to honor no other gods but one.


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    A reminder: Nothing that I have written should be taken literally or without at least some skepticism. Researching timelines, major events and physical universe impingements should be looked upon with skepticism - and there is a valid reason for that.



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