Me Mortal - Who You?

Becoming "realized" is meant to convey the idea of loosing oneself, not within self-identification, but with All That Is. This is a concept which is not only foreign to our body-mind mechanisms, but is unfathomable by our conscious selves.

Believe it or not, we are already realized. Further more, you already know this and understand it completely. What Is cannot be otherwise. So what is all the fuss about in trying to uncover some lost aspects of Ourselves? There is nothing lost and there is nothing to find. These are merely concepts for mind self-aggrandizement.

We are the eyes of God, seeing what it is that God has set forth for us to "discover". Where shall you go and what shall you do in order to complete your task?

Seeing and seeking are the principal goals of self-delusion, but who or what are we really fooling? Ourselves.

Discovering the inner drives which mysteriously moves us is useless. Discover all you wish, the results remain as they were. Nothing has changed but the self-identification. We confuse Ourselves with the perception. Seeing brings about a balancing, which creates. We create the world we perceive.

What kind of world do you live in?

Knowledge is power over non-knowledge. Perception is power of not-seeing. The one problem with this is that power is the dream makers friend. It contains no other value.


As a spark of God, we create our own individual existence. Our surroundings reflect our identity. These concepts fail when it comes to realizing Our very Essence, which in itself, cannot be described. Totality cannot exist defined. What is defined does not exist. What exists can be experienced and understood.

Throwing away our tools of creation inhibits Totality of Existence. In either case, what remains is what cannot be denied.

Letting go of our creations is the hardest part of growing up.

When we identity with our toys, we lose Ourselves.

We lose Ourselves in the identification of our creations. So proud are we, to create as God creates. Fallen we become, as the mortals who walk the Earth.

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