Here And Now

The here and now is illusionary as is the future and the past. Time exists only for the mind's differentiation. Presence needs neither time nor the mind, but uses these as tools to explore its' self-created environment. The escape of immortality creates the need for perception and illusion.

Fooling Oneself is fooling no one. Releasing the desire of illusion and "reality" creates the correct atmosphere in which nothing is gained but everything is lost. Seek no further than the release of effort. Therein lies the eventual existence in which we will ultimately find ourselves within.

Beyond this, there is nothing of value.

The value that is placed upon existence is the reflection of our own desires. If the mind becomes the back seat passenger, in which gaining and losing ceases to be the driving force, we will have then arrived at the beginning of embarking on a new adventure. Strange as it may seem, when the mind ceases to be the driving force, nothing can be viewed in the same light.

Shedding our skins of desire we come to learn that nothing is sacred. Release yourself from yourself and take the back seat no further. The order of things tends to maintain itself. Do nothing and the end result remains. There is no choice, only opportunities of exploration, which may possibly be called escape.

Running from ourselves is good exercise only if we long for the strength of endurance. Time is immortal as we are. Of what use is endurance?

The illusion of existence makes for a good show. Are you still enjoying your entertainment?

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