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RedFred has registered an account here on FZA.ORG and I have marked it as 'inactive'. I find it a bit strange that RedFred, after disparaging Free Zone America, wants to become accepted as a member after making it known that he is quite against what it stands for.

I've seen some of his past messages, both on ACT and to Virginia, and his position, which is quite common in the 'FreeZone' ward, is to NOT investigate for ONESELF but to stand firm on speculation and 'opinionation'. These characteristics are not something that I would wish on anyone and so, RedFred's account status reflects that wish.

I am always open to what others may wish to say, not just along these lines but all others as well. One cannot pursue a line of education without inquiry and examination. A serious undertaking, in this regard, actively pursues the elimination of speculation, opinion, mental concepts, ideas and everything else that keeps us from the full and complete knowledge of ourselves.

Wasting time on getting one's opinions accepted will do nothing but create controversy and problems. If one is actually interested in clearing, then exploration, encouragement and a wholly self-awareness attitude would be demonstrated, not just for one's self but for ALL others as well.

Throwing rocks from behind the fence becomes just plain silly.1

  1. Note: Originally posted on the forum. 

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