Ack and WHO

This is an acknowledgement to those few individuals who have traveled to FZA.ORG, through whatever means, to share in what is here to share. It's amazing how honey attracts bees, and send them on their way refreshed and invigorated. These few individuals, which is par for the course for them, neither remain long nor engage in idle chit-chat, speculation or even ['explanations'. They simply remain and then remain somewhere else, but in fact, they tend to just remain right where they are - which is a very good thing, always. For that, it is ALWAYS a pleasure to encounter such passers by.

Now there is also another segment which stops by, but for very different reasons - controversy looking for an outlet. These types of sheeple full enjoy battling wits with anything and everything at one's disposal. They actively seek to dominate, rule over, and exert control over all that they see in their universe. In their madness, 'communication' becomes essential.

When madness does not find a home, communication comes to mean something else entirely different.

But that is not the point. The point here is that FZA.ORG, having completed the priorly discussed purpose, is now moving toward dealing with the second type of person. The one who is steeped in controversy and hence, confusion.

Finding out what one is can be quite helpful. So helpful in fact that once we have come to accept WHO we are, we are then free to move on out of controversy, confusion and all the rest of it. It is a defining moment to discover that the images which one has of oneself, mean nothing other than what we endow the illusion with. We give it Life, and we can take it away.

Fearing that OTHERS will take away our illusions causes much anxiety and concern for ourselves. With battle armor at hand, we seek to do 'justice', but this never comes to pass as 'justice' can never be applied to illusions. It can only be applied to we, ourselves, AS ourselves, not to the illusion.

If you are ever in doubt over this, try watching a movie and talking to a character in it. That character will absolutely ignore you. Wholly and completely.

Are you getting this yet?

In order to BE in communication you must first find out WHO it is that you are communicating to. Sometimes, that WHO refuses to participate and when that happens, it can sometimes be beneficial to just communicate in general. Besides being much safer for the WHO involved, it sends a nice strong message to not only that WHO, but to all the similarly fearful WHOs.

Hiding is not the answer.

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