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The composite case has a make-up and that make-up always involves the appearance of extemporaneous theta particles attaching themselves by whatever method, to the core personality. That 'core' could be called the 'thetan'. These particles of theta were manufactured a very long time ago. Clinically created, they carry a multitude of purposes but in all cases the primary goal is survival by parasitic action.

Straightening out who is who and what is what helps to realign these theta particles into proper categories with the correct label attached to each. This is the long road, but just as valid as any other method. The ultimate goal is eradication of these theta particles, and it really doesn't matter what method, procedure or operation takes place to accomplish this.

Most of the time, these theta particles appear to be invisible to the thetan and therefore cannot be addressed or even imagined. To that end, all sorts of side effects appear as a result and of course all are detrimental to the thetan, but these are always voluntary even though they appear otherwise.

Resolving this condition, the thetan become unencumbered by fleeting thoughts and imaginings. It comes to be in control, but this control is fleeting if the proper methods are not used in addressing these particles. If the particles continue to be desired, then the created method of use must be applied.

Sometimes, it becomes more desirous to be completely free of theta particles. This has some interesting effects when compared to thetans who continue to use them. A thetan is not required to have, control, free, or even make use of these theta particles. As a part of our evolution (read that as games material) theta particles are a tool. Their purpose actually lies beyond their use.

Games conditions, rules, regulations or even 'enhancements' all require the initiation of new and interesting elements in order for the continuation of the game itself to occur. Sometimes, these elements appear to be detrimental and at other times they appear to be beneficial to the overall scheme of things. Either way, it is best to understand the patterning involved and to know that attention can be placed anywhere one so wishes.

The universe is a work in progress and a marvelous creation. It is so very interesting and this interest is what drives the entirety of existence forward. We are moving along whether we are consciously perceptive of it or not. Life flows and we along with it. What better way to enjoy yourself than to fill yourself up. When you become full, I embrace the joy that will be found and expressed. Tickets please!

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18 Jun 2001


good theta enhancing post, thankyououie Alice and Vast.
I need to know what Alice meant by "Their purpose actually lies beyond their use.".

Hi revellor, your brought up an excellent question and I am quite glad that you brought it up. Well done.

Handling theta particles in an attempt to prevent the overwhelm of the thetan is a great first step in building up the awareness of the thetan itself. It's sort of like when a person begins to notice how certain words or phrases in a communication create particular reactions within himself. Once a person starts to act like an observer to these reactions, he can then go on to resolve ALL of his reactions associated with communications. Handling theta particles is similar.

I would not want to spoil the rewards when someone first realizes that they could openly and freely communicate to anyone about anything. It's a freedom, from that viewpoint, which is indescribable. It's a feeling I would wish on anyone who desires it.

As you can guess, I feel the same way about answering your question about what lies beyond their (theta particles) use. Once all of these various bits and pieces of theta are resolved, and sometimes before - if the thetan decides that it has had enough :-), it frees the thetan to discover what is actually occurring and why. It's really a very nice discovery and no less indescribable as the one who attains freedom of communication.

As in a communications release, an individual could place their attention strictly on the effects of what is being addressed and attempt to handle each and every aspect of it. What it comes down to is just a matter of time. How long will it be before the thetan decides to 'give it up' and see beyond the effects. A thetan can mock up anything and create anything to be 'real'. Focusing on effects is what a thetan loves. There is nothing like a good jolt of experience in the morning! :-) Auditing breaks down that focused attention and frees the thetan to explore somewhere else. Going beyond the effects is a wonderful idea.

This is probably much more than you asked for. Hopefully it's been of some use.

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