Home Is Where The Heart Is

If home is where the Heart is, then what can be said about the turmoil in which we seem to relish with vim and vigor. Yes, turmoil IS a great part of our day and it is within that turmoil that we reach out, looking for a Heart in which to reside.

Escape is not an option.

Replacing one thing for another does nothing but create new experience and that is something which we can well do without. It's not about experiencing spiritual freedom, it's about being spiritually free. Whether trapped in a cage or 'free' upon the land, spiritual freedom remains the same. The clothes do not make the Man.

The center of one's beinginess is not in one thing or another, and it certainly is not something that has been 'lost' and thereby requires it's 'finding'. Nurturing good taste, it eventually comes to overtake us. We are definitely at it's Mercy.

Rivaling it's glory, we 'seek'. Is this the actions of a sane person? Sanity can be defined by demonstration and in it's demonstration, acceptable sometimes wins out. What a shame that the road to truth becomes long, winding and full of despair. Can we ever treat ourselves even more badly?

Like a fine wine, over time we gain deeper, richer, and fuller understanding. What audacity! Intoxicated with ourselves, our glass always seems to be empty, ready and waiting for our expectations to come to fruition. Living in the Land of Dreams, what else could we possible be here for?

Looking within is not the problem. Replacing Understanding with dreams, we follow our imagination to it's end. Unfortunately, it doesn't end because that road circles endlessly about the Universe. Taking the scenic route, we relish our 'progress' and in so doing, we think that we have escaped.

Home is where the Heart is and no-where else. It would be like looking at yourself in the mirror and wondering where you are.

It doesn't get any funnier than that!

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