Just Do It

Out in the "FreeZone" much has occurred. From it's not so humble beginnings to it's tormented present, lasting relationships, as always, come to an end. But endings are not always what they are thought to be.

The "FreeZone" has extended it's reach and it has been found to come up lacking. Empty handed and full of disgrace, shameful behavior, as is typical with those of ill-repute, leads but one place. It is called the Place of Mirrors.

It's actually a very good place to go to take a really good look at oneself.

Out of it's Germanic roots, the Ron's Org network continues to play "duck and cover". Who in their right mind would seek counsel from one who hides in shadows and fright? Spiritual freedom is freedom from oneself. It takes more than a promise of self-discovery to leave it all behind.

It also takes something much more than the conviction of procedures and devices to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Isn't it funny that as one progresses up the Bridge, spiritual freedom comes nearer to hand? I just wonder how that really relates to sitting down and playing hide and seek with emotional content via gadgets and gizmos.

But of course there is no freedom found. In fact, it's just another experiential ploy undertaken by the needy. If you think that they only way that you will ever see the light of day is by and through endless hours of entertainment, you are greatly mistaken.

This is why Spiritual Freedom can never be bound unto some particular thought, word or deed. It stands alone, not needing nor even desiring. This is also why no dependencies should be entrusted with one's own welfare.

You achieve Spiritual Freedom by doing it. There is no need of devices, procedures nor rote memorization tricks and traps.

If you are waiting for something to come about in order to move along in your own spiritual progress, then obviously, you are not interested in the first place.

When Spiritual Freedom consumes your every thought word and deed, then surely you will have arrived.

Until then, there are plenty of toys to keep the kids happy.

Perhaps, just perhaps, you have a tad greater interest than a passing fancy. If so, I encourage you to go at it like there is no tomorrow, because there is no tomorrow.

In the "FreeZone" there are plenty of tricks and traps to get and keep you interested. But interest is not Spiritual Freedom. All that it is is just a bone to keep the mind busy and while you are busy with your bone the master will surely have it's way with you.

There are a lot of charlatans ready, willing and able to sell you anything that you want - ready, willing and able to "sell" you whatever it is that you are looking for. But interest is not what we are seeking to encourage in others. What we are doing is something much, much different.

It has been said that one can gauge another not by how they treat their friends, but by how they treat their enemies. We do not succumb to lusting for victory nor do we denigrate those who by their own words, actions and deeds, seek to destroy any and all who are not 'of them' - meaning those who do not 'think' nor act like them.

The entirety of our attention is on spiritual freedom. There is nothing else even remotely close to that that is worthy of attention. Nothing.

The bottom line here is that if you seek freedom, you embrave slavery and there is only one antidote available to us all. Awareness.

Awareness of your every thought, word and deed.

Just do it.

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