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Telepathy Seminar Capt. W. B. Robertson 27 Oct 1984


Drill Five: I will tell you that I have worked with a guy in Spain - John Caban - on this. We did this particular drill on the next part which is: "practice telepathic message drill with a distance at agreed time." We did this - (Drill Number Five) - because he also found that he had been trained on this in the past. And so we did it between Madrid, Spain, and an airplane that was nearly arriving at Kennedy Airport in New York City. At a certain time. I was on the plane and he was back in Madrid. We wrote down our messages and contacted, wrote down what the other person had and the other person wrote down what he had. And when I came back to Spain a few weeks later we pulled them out and put them there together and they were 95% the same thing. 95% - there were one or two words that were different... but the sense was all there. All the meaning and all the sense of the message was there. One or two words only - as maybe an "an" for a "the" or something like that. It was very minor. And that was just our first attempt then. We weren't even... you know... even drilling very much, we were just doing it like a drill just to see what would happen. OK? So that was about 3000 miles distance and it was instantaneous. OK?


This was done with a bit of entertainment in mind which helps to explain the 95% hit. In reality, when it comes to this sort of thing, there is always a 100% certainty involved. Therefore, when there is no associated entertainment value, there is nothing to compare. In creating the 'right atmosphere' for the student to learn what is described in this drill, reality is a bit 'phased out', but once the mind's tendency to 'reach out' is understood, there is no going back.

Perhaps it can be seen, in light of this, as to why various 'factions' all claim to be 'right' when it comes to 'having' the correct technology to become spiritually 'free'. The phrase, "reach out and touch someone", takes on new meaning. Everyone likes to be 'right'.

Well, not everyone.

Spiritual technology is not something which is 'owned'. It would be absolutely idiotic to contain something, unless of course, one already has that 'problem' and merely seeks to extend it's reach.

There are a lot of twists and turns out in the 'spiritual educational' field. It's not that the buyer should be beware, because the premise is flawed to begin with. Following one's own road of certainty requires honor, integrity and a clearly defined sense of rightness. Beginning at the elementary level, one must come to fully understand that self-deception is the most important barrier to spiritual freedom. How easy it is to convince ourselves of anything. What becomes worse is to then go on and impress that self-deception upon others.

Travelling up the Bridge, sooner or later you will come to realize that when you are brutally honest with yourself, you at that moment, are 'free'. Yes, 'free' of 'yourself'.

But when that clear seeing is not there we are fully blind. Is it any wonder then, that we seek out a 'Guide'?

Believe it or not, it is quite easy to forge new roads, new directions, for others to 'test their mettle'. There is not the implication of authority here, but one of understanding. There are no secrets or hidden 'knowledge' in the Free Zone. 'Confidential' materials, whatever the justification, once withheld, WILL come to rule over us. It is an inevitable fact played out in history. And if you think that "this time" it's different, self-deception, through imaginative 'thinking' has won out.

There is a wide and clearly defined discrepancy between Life as we see it and Life as it really is.

Going 'exterior' to verify anything is about as ridiculous as expanding one's universe. In space, all is viewed. Get the picture?

Spiritual freedom is not reaching a 'goal', 'becoming' one thing or another, or even attaining all the 'knowledge' there is to attain. All of these concepts fall into the pit of self-deception. You are not what you 'think' you are. Far, far, from it.

So you see, 'certainty' is quite closely related to honesty. Gaining one thing or another will not create the freedom you desire, but seeing things, yourself included, as they are, each and every moment, is the freedom you seek.

Don't walk the road, Built It.

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