I Came, I Saw, I Ran Away As Fast As I Could

It's not always easy to see oneself without all kinds of thoughts and images getting in the way, but it becomes imperative to at least try if one is to set foot upon the path of intelligence.

It takes quite of bit of intelligence to see. So much so, that in order to see without boundaries knowledge must be drained of all power and ploy. It's not the memories that define us, despite all the attempts to make us believe. Belief is part and parcel of knowledge, but intelligence is what it takes to call oneself aware.

There is no awareness to be found in glories of the past, or of our ideas of what is yet to come. Somewhere else is not the problem.

Making our way down the rocky road of life and living, sooner or later our beliefs come to haunt us. In fact, one never has to wait long at all for it to arrive. Believing in freedom defines our slavery, seeking truth and enlightenment is like proclaiming to the world that you are unfit for anything and everything in God's eyes.

Looking through the soul, we find the emptiness it is. Gathering our clothes we become. Showing ourselves off, it is true, fools stick out like a sore thumb.

Wandering the wasteland, we tend to seek more of it rather than to open our eyes to the beauty about us. Death and destruction have no place because they are not real. When the wasteland begins to fade in it's glory, we then come to find our own.

To deny oneself is to populate the desert with good company. Who in their right mind would want to enslave others? Ensuring like-mindedness is like a spreading disease, jumping from host to host, it seeks it's own destruction. To which it eventually succumbs.

You can do it the hard way, or you can do it the easy way.

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