The Stars Above

The stars above,
Are but misled,
Footsteps from below.
Gathering all unto her breast,
The beast cries "I live!",
Slowly descending above the crowd,
She speaks her name as all tremble.
Cries of fear, cries of courage,
"Come down ye serpent of darkness!".
Slowly still yet descendth she,
Arriving at last to the dwindling peoples.
Dispersed they have become,
Strong are the few.
Ready to face all that exists,
They wait.
Before them she bellows,
With rage and voice,
"Then die!" went the cry,
As still more fled from the scene.
Boldly standing few remain,
Ready to face what is yet to come.
Suddenly changing its appearance of disgust,
The beast becomes but one of us.
"At last we see,
The true appearance of all."
Spoke the non-beast,
Of one and all.



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