Space Flakes

Sometimes I write about the Galactic Patrol, Loyal Officers and other such space-opera subjects. They really don't come to mean very much as diving into these subjects is just another way of keeping the mind busy and occupied. Experience is a wonderful gift, but in fact, there is no need for them at all.

Out on the fringes of Man's experience, I do have quite a bit of 'experience' with the above mentioned subjects, but most people here on this planet extend their reach about as far as the television remote and so, as tools of gaining ground, those subjects are quite limited. And even with those that do take an interest, many times, license is taken to just further cement the desire of experience which is quite destructive and at opposition to the purpose behind bringing these subjects to light.

There is much in this Universe that awaits one's beck and call, but that does not mean that one should do so nor encourage the same in others. We are all the centers of our existence and thereby create the responsibility for our actions and others as well. To that end, you may never hear about these subjects from me again.

Much can be garnered from the exploration of these subjects, but at the present time, the lack of insight is quite detrimental to those who are exposed to them. Awareness is typically clouded by selfish desires and knowledge will, as always, take a back to seat.

A degree of sophistication is required in order to come to terms with the material mentioned, but this degree of sophistication is seriously lacking among the walking shells of existence on this planet. Typically, there are a number of individuals here who are always one step ahead on the Path of Least Resistance, but acceptability does have it's limits. And so, within that sphere of acceptability, especially when the movement above one's head is awash with missed opportunities and blind ignorance, some things are better left alone for the moment.

It's just a matter of doing things in a different way. It's the same as asking: "How do you want your eggs cooked." Some things, in order for them to become acceptable to us, must be presented to us in a way that is both safe and comfortable for us to look at. It takes much more than just courage to make a Man great.

To all intents and purposes, the Free Zone is dead. It simply does not exist. The Galactic Patrol is just someone's idea of a dream, with much undo attention erroneously directed towards it. Loyal Officers are just a few people with enormous egos and of no consequence. There are no real organizations or individuals which take action and responsibility from an 'outside' or exterior point of view. The fabricated idea of there being a common bond among those few who have a awareness beyond the 'ordinary' is simply ludicrous.

You see, space-opera is just another short story in the science-fiction arena of dreaming another dream. Nothing more and nothing less.

It's comforting to know, is it not, that we can remain as we are forever and for all Eternity. There is nothing that will change us and there is nothing for us to change into. Life is as it should be, and we must have it continue in the same way.

Teaching an old dog new tricks is something that we all know to be just a clever little saying that really means nothing. We must keep a careful watch for those who seek to trick us with their cleverness and eloquence. Hearing does not and should not make us believe.

Haven't we all had more than enough religion for all Eternity?

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