The Winds of Change

The Winds of Change toss us to and fro, taking us where ever it is that has been deemed not just a necessity, but a requirement. Taking flight, we expand our wings in the hope that our flight will be a controlled one. With effort and narrowness of intent, we see the road which rushes towards us, too busy in our own endeavors to take much notice. Looking is not a option as we struggle to keep our heads afloat and out of harm's way.

Flowing as the river, Eternity moves us along it's merry road, oblivious to the constant moans and groans of seemingly natural instinct. There can be only one way in which to swallow our pride. When our perceived existence becomes threatened, we hide. It's either that or kill all the messengers along the way. :)

Change takes us to new lands and new frontiers of experience and desire. Reaching new highs is what it's all about isn't it? Breaking new ground, we realize that with each new high there comes the foundation upon which the next is created. How high is high?

Full of breath, we exhale in disgust at our own shortcomings. Perhaps we treat ourselves in much the same way that we treat others, and accept no less than the best. Dreams are made and destroyed in fanciful flight. I wonder what is playing tonight.

There are always times and places in which to fulfill our obligations, and there are also times and places in which the Winds of Change take us by total surprise, or so it seems. Changing is not always in everyone's best interest.

When the Winds begin their flight of fancy, perhaps consideration should be afforded to what is to come. Perhaps the future will reveal it's purpose through it's crystal ball called Change. Are you on the forefront, or are you kicking and screaming while being thrown about at each and every turn of the Wind. What shall you do when there remains nothing to which you may hold on to for comfort and glee. Will your own thoughts be the sole companion onto which you may unleash your hidden desires? When the Winds of Change blows, who will hear your cry?

Understanding replaces ignorance. Will the understanding you embrace become the crutch of future hope or will you allow it to reveal and predict the Future of Man. Believe it or not, the future is, and always has been, here at this very moment. Why not grab hold of it before the Winds decide differently for you.

Questioning Life, we reveal ourselves to others. The funny thing is that even to the contrary, we reveal ourselves to others. With dignified grace and stance, we pretend to be the Emperor, exclaiming in full voice: "LOOK at my clothes!" Oh, what a funny sight humanity is!

The Winds of Change work in mysterious ways... :)

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