MeZone Roundup

Let's see:

The "FreeZone" is decommissioned and the Loyal Officer who went native is still on the loose in Ron's Org. Achtung!

"Quick, hide your children!"

Austria's infamous genocidal maniac continues his binges despite his butt-wipe's attempts to bolster "The Master's" image.

"No, I have no problems."

We've got flowery admiration among "The Brothers" on the west coast lending new respectability to sin and saviour.

"Scratch my back and I'll give you something, darling."

Grasping for straws, the Taxes Chain Saw Massacre seems to be leaking, and losing, 'power' faster than he is squeezing it out of 'thetans'. Maybe it's a new Slim-Fast.

"More! Damn you, more!"

The patients that hang out at the water-cooler are getting more strung out as the new playthings that were promised for delivery on a regular basis has sort of developed a hiccup or two.

"Pass me a 'nuther will 'ya!"

Looking for a good time, the usual adventurers are still bumbling and stumbling about in space and time. Will Robinson never had it so good.

"Look! The sky is falling!"

Wallets, as is usually in the "Spiritual Freedom On A Dime" campaign, continue to be separated from the evil clutches of mad men but the latest forecast reveals that results should begin to start coming in from a batch of "Dollars For Ron" that were not all that they seemed.

"Look at me, who am I?"

Oh yeah, let me take this moment to say "Hi" to those that said they were coming but never did, to those that came who were not asked and especially to those that like to be noticed. Don't forget, just because I don't place attention on you doesn't mean that I am ignoring you. :-)

That's it for the MeZone round-up. If you want more of the latest news and views just close your eyes, click your heels three times and say: "I want to be Free in the FreeZone". You should then be able to pick up the various stations which broadcast throughout the Night.

Oops, one more thing.

According to Legend, the Base on the Far Side of the Moon is reporting that their holding tanks have about reached their capacity. That's funny!

"You want casualties!? HERE, have MORE!"

Maybe Between Lives isn't such a bad idea after all. What do you think?

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