Where Are We Going, Dave?

From "What are you doing?" to "Where are you going?", time has a way of flying us all along the path of no return. The answer to where we are going is simple, but in complexity is where the real mystery lies. Indeed, if it is not complex, surely there must be a 'catch'. How far it is that we have come, and yet, the end remains just as far and out of reach as always. Some things just never change.

Out in the Boondocks, the natives are still trying to figure out who they are. It's a funny site to see when another jumps and spits about, all in the name of trying to 'figure it all out'. It must be someone else's fault.

For some indigenous native tribes, picture-taking was frowned upon and viewed horrifically. Capturing one's soul is not a good thing to do, and yet the White Man gleefully takes pride in exposing their own images upon the Land. Some people just don't 'get it'.

Breaching confidentiality is like ripping out another's heart. Hiding in the Shadows, the screaming begins at that very moment. Perhaps another picture is in order?

When there is nothing left to stand firm upon, all that is left is we, ourselves, naked for all to see. What need then, is there for a Heart of any kind? It's not the road well-travelled which one is to seek, but the road which is individually labelled explicitly for 'you'. It's there, make no mistake about it.

So the next time you try to do something, go ahead. Try to do it. It's a perfect vehicle for failure, and destruction.

Do you have anywhere else to go?

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