Freedom From Being 'Cleared'

The 'FreeZone', like many individuals who have 'freedom' on this planet, survive and gather their so-called strength from controversy. Without it, they are doomed to die a quick death. Without something to keep their attention and emotions on, life just wouldn't be the same.

Ralph Hilton's "Ralphology" demands that no one become wise to the fact that he has nothing to do with Scientology in the least, especially knowing anything at all about it. Alan Walter, and his brand of egotism called "Knowldegism", demands that one remain ignorant to knowledge, or how else is he to collect power through entrapping thetans? Or how about Enid Vein's Dynamism, which has made it clear that there is nothing wrong in not liking someone and thereby withholding what any sane person would do - help someone in need.

Oh, but one needs to earn a living, is it not true? It's funny how all the people in the 'FreeZone' clearing business have the upper most aim of making money. That is numero uno. And it all boils down to a business transaction.

Is it any wonder that these people despise talk about Marcabians. For those that do not know what a Marcabian is, I'll tell you. It's a representation of one who has, as their highest ideal in life, the goal of making out extremely well in all business transactions. Nothing else matters.

More power, more position, only reflect that urge of making ever larger and larger viable transactions which will benefit the one and only one who should benefit the most - themselves, and themselves only. When you pay for 'FreeZone' auditing you are paying to ensure someone "makes out well", and no matter the warm fuzzy feelings that you will walk away with, you will have been sniggered hook line and sinker. Here fishy, fishy, come back and have another worm!

The 'FreeZone', by their individual actions and deeds, demonstrate quite clearly just how 'Marcabian' they are. Money-grubbing freeloaders, who suck the life out of anyone who crosses their path. And when it comes to competition, it's quite a sight to see how well the blood suckers get along.

It's like the ruling families of the planet. They may fight among themselves, but they know that they all are united and stand very firm against any and all outside opposition. One does not like to have one's business transactions interfered with, but for the good of the company, we must all do our part.

Nothing like having the natives pay for their own prison.

Nothing like having people pay for the opportunity to be 'cleared' in the 'FreeZone'. The funny thing is that even though the 'FreeZone' has not one clue on how to carry out real clearing, people pay for the privilege to find that out. Are these people really that stupid?

The answer is: yes, some people are quite asleep at the wheel and the 'FreeZone' counts on that fact. It's the reason that they will not wake people up, all that they will do is get people to take a different sort of sleeping pill - at nominal charge of course!

The 'FreeZone' feeds off of problems, it is their livelihood. They count on problems and if, by chance, there becomes less of them, they will create more. Controversy in the 'FreeZone' is the creation of problems for their own benefit. It's just another business transaction. Just another day in the Marcabian world.

Isn't it strange how all the planet's governments follow suit? When someone tells you "It's not personal." - it is. When someone says "It's just business." - it isn't. People can, and do, say anything but when one is unaware and asleep at the wheel it becomes quite acceptable.

Don't say anything, just nod your head.

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