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Have you ever come upon a moment, thought, or experience and found that whatever you do, it just doesn't seem to "go away". Besides being called an "engram", "by-passed charge", or "mis-emotion", it all amounts to the same thing - being stuck.

A being easily creates their own reality, and thereby promptly becomes the effect of it. Is there a way to establish a viewpoint without becoming that viewpoint?

The solidity of a viewpoint is in direct relation to the desired effects sought after.

If you desire clearing, then the world becomes one based upon clearing principals. If sp's are real and dangerous, then amazingly, there appear sp's at your beck and call, inviting you to make them more real. If teachers of wisdom are desired, then suddenly it seems as if they are all about us, teaching us something which we have always wanted to learn.

No matter the viewpoint of desire, what cannot be changed is the desire for viewing. Or can it? Does there lie something just beyond our reach that creates these sparks of interest within us? Seeing beyond what we think of as "ourselves" is not for the one who engages to seek validation of their existing beliefs. It is for those that wish to be finished with the games of Life.

Religious philosophy, no matter the name, place, or belief, begins the path. But only you can walk it to it's completion. Where the path goes, you cannot follow, for once you get "there", you leave viewpoints behind. Notions of existence have no place in the reality of existence, and reality is not what "we" make it, but only what we "think" it is.

Beliefs are wonderful companions, until we are shown that when we carry these beliefs, we tend to stumble and fall under the load far, far too often.1

  1. This article was originally posted to the FreeZone America Forum using the identity 'HairyKrishna'. 

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