Status Report Spock!

Well, I've had an interesting go-around with someone who has e-mailed me privately. It's interesting when someone has a problem spelling their 'real' name and uses the term 'aka' when signing their communication. I didn't bother to venture into the 'hiding' aspect of it all, but none-the-less, it came to pass - only in a different way.

As a group, generally, the so-called 'Scientologists' who beam their messages to me on the Internet come up seriously lacking. They come up lacking not only in basic communication skills, but in basic 'livingness'. You know, 'livingness' as in how to behave around others. Without face-to-face contact, the MacDonald's generation thinks that the world is exactly the way that they think it is. In others words, definitely screwed up. There is SOME validity to that thinking, but when it comes to gaining license for oneself to do as one wishes, using the Internet for cover, the MacDonald's generation is a mixed can of nuts.

I'm using the term 'generation' as an analogy, so don't try to confuse the issue between 'Scientologists' and Young Amerika.

Another example of the mind-set of these 'Scientologists' is "nothing". It's would be like asking one of these people something like this: "What did you do yesterday?" and their reply would be along the lines of: "Dunno, Dude." It's a blank slate, perfect for outside influences.

"How come you drove your car into the supermarket?"

"Ahh, I don't know - it just happened."

Alan Walter's Knowledgism loves this Clean Slate stuff. There is definitely something there to write home about. Only, in that case, the susceptibility of the uncourageous is gleefully 'fixed'. 'Uncourageous' is a nice way of referring to the fear-full. Full of fear and hiding under cover, there is a King's ransom to be made at the local MacDonald's franchise outlet.

Anyway, besides all that hype and hoopla, 'Scientologists', in general, when they decide to 'communicate' with me, put on quite a show. Here's a good example:

Subject: e meters
Date: 10 January, 2004 07:29:26 EST

where can i get a CB meter?

It must be that Clean Slate thing going on here. It's too bad that the boss at MacDonald's MAKES us all LOOK at the customer. What for? ARC? Bah! That's for the weak.

All I can say is that the CB Meter won't help. It's called the mind's protection and it works both ways. There is hell to pay when you confront yourself with yourself but sometimes it becomes much easier to 'just go along with it', than it is to 'burn in hell'. An auditor, at this level, MUST be outside of yourself. It's gonna take two, there's just no doubt about it.

God forbid it should be Ralph Hilton and his "Ralphology", though. Playing head games with the 'kids' at MacDonalds can be a lot of fun, but it is only fun for those that not only have no way out, but do not WANT to get out.

Asking questions can get one into a LOT of trouble. Questions are nifty little tricks to hide something from ourselves and when we 'don't know' we start to go around, asking all sorts of questions to help 'fill in the blanks'. There is always a fire to put out, and as we seek out our answers in our environment, new ones spring up out of no-where, continuously. It just won't end.

Heaven help the poor soul who digs in deep to find their answers WITHIN themselves. Yup, Heaven is completely impotent when it comes to THAT. There just won't be any outside help coming because it will already BE there. All the books and knowledge in the Universe will do one absolutely NO good, until it becomes PESONALIZED. What is true for you IS true, but first, you have to FIND OUT and the only way to find out is by examination. Taking a good LOOK at things and finding out. This is not asking yourself endless questions, it's about auditing. When knowledge, through personal experience, comes home, it never leaves. It's what auditing is designed to do - make one LOOK at themselves.

Granted the confusion of oneself with one's pictures occurs early on, but through repetition, it DOES sink in. Through repeatedly LOOKING, you WILL SEE.

But when you STOP looking, then of course, there will be 'nothing'. Case in point:

From: "joe taylor" <\>
Subject: RE:Site

Hello Paul. I went to the site and I did not see anything but your postings. Are you friends with Virginia and Mike McClaughry? I have found their postings close to what I like. Where are you on the Bridge? I am OT-3 and have studied all of the data up through OT 8 and a lot of CBR's data. Best, Ty3c

--->My Response:

Subject: Re: Site
Date: 16 January, 2004 10:12:07 EST

Hi Ty3c,

Is there something specific that you are looking for?

Paul Misiunas


From: "joe taylor" <\>
Subject: Re: Site

Hi Paul. Yes, there is, I would like to get an answer to the two questions I asked you in my previous e-mail to you, that would be a great start! Thanks! Best, TY3C

--->My Response:

Subject: Re: Site
Date: 16 January, 2004 12:04:05 EST

Hi again Joe,

Thanks for your reply.

Ok, here are your two questions, and my reply to each:

Are you friends with Virginia and Mike McClaughry?

I don't have enemies, therefore that makes me friends with everyone. In that frame of reference the answer to your question would be: of course. That reasoning might sound a bit strange to you, but that is how it is over on this end.

If it would help you to resolve any thoughts or ideas that you might have along those lines, I'll provide the following about my relationship to Mike and Virginia: I infrequently communicate with Virginia and even less so with Mike. Perhaps once a month or so and only through email. MONTHS have gone by with no communication at all. Virginia is simply amazing.

Does that help? If not, I can provide more data to help you to reach a conclusion on your own.

Where are you on the Bridge?

I am not anywhere on the Bridge. I do not own nor use an e-meter and do not audit myself or others. In the commonly accepted agreement arena, I am well outside of it. Now THAT is pretty funny! :--)

I know you said that answering these two questions would be a start, but I have no idea as to a start of what. My purpose in asking you "Is there something specific that you are looking for?" was to get back behind the two questions that you were looking at. Either way works, though.

The direct approach works well for me, so if there is something, anything, you feel that you want to say, please go ahead and say it. Much like your last email. ;-)

Other than that, best wishes on achieving your Bridge.

Paul Misiunas


From: "joe taylor" <\>
Subject: Re: Site

Hello Paul. Thank you for your e-mail and for answering my questions. I do not have anything more to communicate to you at this time. Have a nice life. Ty3c

From: Paul Misiunas <\>
To: "joe taylor" <\>
Subject: Re: Site
Date: Fri, 16 Jan 2004 12:04:0500 -0500


--->My Response:

Subject: Re: Site
Date: 17 January, 2004 12:17:43 EST

Joe, you can't drop out now because there are still some items on the table, namely what there is in back of those questions.

i said:

My purpose in asking you "Is there something specific that you are looking for?" was to get back behind the two questions that you were looking at.

So tell me, what is there in back of those questions.

Paul Misiunas


From: "joe taylor" <\>
Subject: Re: Site

Paul, there was nothing "in back of those questions". Secondly, I can discontinue communication to anyone I want. Not everyone you communicate to is a covertly hostile person or has a hidden agenda. Assuming that, is just sheer folly. So, I will be just a bit firmer here, we can end this communication now. Take me off of your site and do not send me anymore e-mail, not even a response to this one or I will file a compaint with your IP. Like I said before, have a nice life. Do not send me anymore e-mail. Joe aka ty3c

--->My Response:

Subject: Re: Site
Date: 17 January, 2004 16:02:00 EST

Hi Joe,

I see that my question has upset you. When you asked your questions of me, I provided you with open and honest answers and yet when it comes to be your turn, you suddenly decide to run like hell. Not only to run, but also to provide yourself cover via a threat against me. Very well, then. You may run. You may also report me to whoever you like, complaining that I had the audacity, not only to respond to your communication, but to ask a question as well!

It's silly to send an e-mail to me and then to say that if I respond, you will command my silence by filing a complaint to my ISP.

It is now obvious that you are either unwilling or unable to provide a basis for your questioning of me. That means that you are being neither open nor honest in your communication. When a being comes to the point where they are unwilling to find out about themselves, when they are unwilling to meet themselves face-to-face and all that it encompasses, well then, all that is left will be 'nothing'. There just won't BE anything there.

If nothing else, don't dead-end your Bridge.

Best wishes,
Paul Misiunas


Subject: Re: Site
Date: 17 January, 2004 20:40:34 EST



Wasn't that fun? This supposedly OT-3 definitely has some issues going on. It becomes pretty obvious where this guy is coming from and where he is going. My usual response, once the communication turns psychotic, is to just ignore it. My name, address and phone number is a matter of public record but I love how this information gets turned around and used as a threat against me. But that is only one out-point among the many.

Ah yes, the all pervading beauty of 'nothingness'. All that I can do is shake my head and wonder why looking is a bad thing - isn't it that we are in control of ourselves?

The answer is: of course not. But that statement would fall into a v-e-r-y dangerous area, both in our personal life as well as in our spiritual existence. Perhaps it might be best to say that everyone can now return to their television sets and be 'firmly' in control. Firmly in control of the remote which, strangely enough, presents the same message on each and every channel. The susceptible mind is easy prey, but hey - you can always use the remote! That is sure to convince you that indeed, it is you who is in control.

If you don't believe me, just ask the bankers at that wonderful 'private' organization called the Federal Reserve Bank. I'm sure that they will help to put your mind to rest. Perhaps even to sleep!

There is a common bond between the Patriot movement and Scientology. They both want to "wake people up" and yet they both fall into the same trap. I guess it beats working at MacDonald's and being forced to carry out the wishes of the management. Right Dude?

There was another email that I wanted to put in here as an example, but so far, it remains lost among the refuse on an old computer. It was actually a set of three emails from a special someone that said they were disconnecting from me until I did my conditions. I guess they were thinking that I had granted them authority over me, and that their opinion was valuable to me. Instead of acquiescence all that they got back in reply was silence. Whoever contacts me to tell me that I need to do 'conditions' for them has got some serious problems, not with me but their own universe (ie: uncontrolled and uncontrollable pictures). Some people just can't let go of the church mentality. That is really a very sad state of mind to be in, but states of mind are like that - they need to be 'shared'.

Anyway, what this all boils down to is this: I thought that most of this type of junk was getting cleared up, but now that a few people, whether knowingly or unknowingly (as if there is such a thing) are making it known that there are still problems to be looked at, perhaps I should take the time to address a few more 'issues' on this site. Things were quieting down quite nicely but maybe this is just a bit of a 'fluke'. You know, it's when loose ends make themselves known so as to be fixed up.

It's true that I'll be handing over FZA.ORG to a responsible individual but if that does not reach fruition OR the noise level continues, I'll just have to revise the site once again to deal with what needs to be dealt with. Along the way, I am turning on the option of allowing registered users to post comments in all areas. There need not be a slow approach any longer.

I'd prefer to walk away from FZA.ORG as it does not really contain my interest. In many ways, it is quite restrictive - but don't let that fool you into thinking that it is not miles ahead of where Joe Human, or FreeZoner Sally are on the awareness scale. The Free Zone, as relayed by Captain Bill Robertson, is very much alive and doing well. Global conspirators? Yeah, they're still around, but you can almost see them watching the clock tick by. Tick, tock, tick, tock...

Awareness means much more than just sending your Thetan out into the Universe unencumbered and free. Awareness is not limited to nor encompassed by anything even remotely considered 'spiritual'. Awareness means knowing what goes on in, on and around you. If you think that corporations, or bankers, running the planet belong in the 'conspiracy' section of the loony bin, then you will surely fail to see the multitudinous methods employed, on a daily basis, to not only keep the cows penned, but also sedated. Gaining spiritual freedom is not just being able to watch your Thetan, angelic-like, do what it wants, when it wants, where it wants. Gaining spiritual freedom means having an awareness of what is going on around you, not just an awareness of what is happening 'out there', but an awareness of what is happening right here, right now.

Those people that you find clustered together out in the 'FreeZone' are very busy looking. These people are quite happy to be looking, searching and looking some more. And through it all, they gain the ability to look. Ralph Hilton proclaims himself to be the new technical genius, a Master of the Technical Bulletins. Because he has looked, he has gained knowledge and so he rightly lays claim to that title.

But that is not all of it, is it?

Looking is a whole lot different than seeing. With looking, there becomes established, knowledge of the looking. Memorizing each and every Technical Bulletin is looking and so the knowledge of that memorization remains clear, but that means nothing when it comes to actually having the knowledge that the material refers to. The word is not the thing, but when one follows through with that familiar phrase: "What is true for you, is true for you.", you will see that direct personal knowledge of the thing being reference is the only way to find that truth. This is why I wouldn't trust Hilton with my worst enemy, if I had one. He cannot apply. Yes he can apply his looking, but not his personal direct experience, because he does not have it.

If you want to see someone with much more truth in their pocket, one who is actually willing to deal with what I mentioned above, Filbert stands head and shoulders above anything that you will find in the land of FreeZoners. I haven't seen or heard of him in years, in case you are wondering. I've made the rounds in visiting with the church, Rey Robles, Marianne Hagen, and a few 'well-wishers', and while all of these do varying jobs of looking, they all seriously lack in the SEEING arena. There are definitely 'issues' out there.

Filbert's ability to see is the only reason that I bought his book and took the time to web a verified copy. It took me weeks to get it right but it didn't take long to figure out that Homer Smith's version was, I am sure, 'accidentally' twisted. As an aside, I have never received permission from him to make his book available on the Internet and this in itself is something which I must lawfully deal with if it comes to pass since "Excalibur Revisited" is a copy-written work. My advice would be to buy a legal copy from Filbert.

As to the substance of "Excalibur Revisited", it doesn't matter what he wrote. When a Being sees, whatever is written becomes a reflection - it is something that just can't be helped, and that seeing will guide another through anything that is there. There just isn't any way around that.

In the same way, Virginia McClaughry, much derided by the insane 'FreeZone', has had quite a bit of freedom on the forums here at FZA.ORG to do as she pleases. She sees. Sometimes, that seeing disturbs others so much that they solidly go after looking, and then turn around to point accusations. Not only that but to out-right lie to and about her. The fear of seeing can only be had by looking.

As you can see, there are two people that I hold in high regard when it comes to seeing. That is not the entirety of that number, but when it comes to seeing, you not only can spot that seeing in others, but you can also quite plainly see the looking upon the planet. Conversely, the looking people only see more looking people and little else.

But it's not a dead-end street, by any means.

You can visit a FreeZoner, who will gladly take your money, extend your stay and "make you happy", or you can be lucky enough to take the fast train to freedom. Believe it or not, there is no rainbow to cross, only an unstoppable freight train headed your way. Don't get caught unawares by looking at the light. All that you have to do to see it coming, is to see it.

Is it any wonder that some will do anything to contain, entrap and destroy those who see?

Is it also any wonder that some will go to great lengths to reach beyond their own looking in order to achieve the ultimate prize of seeing?

Many are called, but few are chosen. Perhaps the reason that only a few are chosen is because most of the cows are much too busy, both with themselves and their grazing, to pay any attention. If it looks like a cow, it surely must be one.



18 Jan 2004

It's too bad that Ken Ogger, as 'The Pilot' was not able to follow through on what he started. It's a shame when someone, who is on the very edge of actually _see_ing, decides to play it safe and back off. I encouraged Ken quite a bit during his period of writing as 'The Pilot' by webbing all of his stuff here on FZA.ORG. I wanted to provide every opportunity I could, as I would do for anyone, to allow his road to reach fruition. But alas, it was not to be. So of course, at the end of it all, there was absolutely no reason for me to continue to web material that will not take one very far. Perhaps it can be all attributed to Tommy Thompson, or not, but I tend to lean toward a resounding "yes".

So here we are today with Mike Hunsaker and his 'FreeZone America' web site, pandering for Thompson's organizations and not really having a clue as to what this is all really about. It's funny when someone pretends to see by association, but in fact it is not pretension at all - just a whole lot of looking. Looking, searching and propagandizing.

For those that doubt any of what I have written here, all that I can say is do your homework. Find out for yourself. Not find out other people's opinions and ideas, but find out for yourself the facts. The 'FreeZone' is rife with people who are quite eager to get you to believe what they want you to. If you don't believe me, just visit the feeding trough at and say "moo". You'll fit right in.

If that's not a scary thought, take a look at the banking ties that encircle the globe. If you're brave enough to follow the facts, you'll never be the same again.

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