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Q: I'm confused. Your site makes mention of Scientology quite a bit and yet you also have various things about other philosophies. So what is the web site really all about? Are you or are you not a Scientologist? Great questions. There is... 19 Aug 2008

Falling Into Agreement

How easy it is to claim an understanding of the philosophies of Scientology and yet be completely ignorant of them at the same time. Talk about a dichotomy! These days it becomes so easy to idealize just about everything and then when it comes... 25 Jul 2005

Scientologist: A Definitive Question

What is a Scientologist? No memory recall is required, just a personal response.... 02 Jun 2005

Take It Home Where It Belongs

I've noticed that there are very few people who actually have an interest in Scientology, among the so-called 'Scientologists'. It's a bit strange to watch another stumble and fall and then to fault another for their demise. It's also a bit... 25 Feb 2004

Where Does The Pain Go?

Scientologists, in the most commonly accepted sense, have what is called 'will'. This 'will' could be defined as focused intention which is placed upon some one or some thing in order to bring about some desired effect. In fact, this 'will' is... 24 Feb 2004

Status Report Spock!

Well, I've had an interesting go-around with someone who has e-mailed me privately. It's interesting when someone has a problem spelling their 'real' name and uses the term 'aka' when signing their communication. I didn't bother to venture into... 17 Jan 2004

A "Scientologist's" Dream

There are many who have processed themselves through the Church of Scientology as well as the so-called 'FreeZone' and come out labeling themselves as "Scientologists". According to popular 'think', a Scientologist is one who betters themselves... 18 Nov 2003

Enjoy The Show

During my years 'in' the 'freezone', I've seen a number of out-points and some I have myself, encouraged. I don't expect anyone in the 'freezone' to take what I am saying here as even close to reality, but that is not my concern. The... 06 May 2003

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