A "Scientologist's" Dream

There are many who have processed themselves through the Church of Scientology as well as the so-called 'FreeZone' and come out labeling themselves as "Scientologists". According to popular 'think', a Scientologist is one who betters themselves as well as the conditions around them. Through the use of 'knowing' the improvement sought after is nurtured and ultimately attained. At least that is the desired effect.

In reality, the improvement in one's condition as well as the improvement of Mankind, is a farce. Through one's actions, not through ideology, a clearer picture can be ascertained.

A "Scientologist" is one who seeks, through religious means, dominance over others. It's the same game, just a different name.

Travelling through the 'FreeZone', it may be advantageous to not only keep an eye on one's pocketbook, but also on the slew of sugar-coated ideological garbage that is sure to come one's way. It's almost impossible to 'sell' a religious philosophy without creating a market for it - which boils down to creating desire.

Desire comes in many shapes and sizes as well as colors and containers, but they all come down to the same thing - through false impressions and 'high hopes' ideological picture taking takes on new heights, and depths. And it is into those depths that the unsuspecting succumb to, time and time again.

There is not a way out. There is only the way through. Through one's own imaginary universe all sorts of things come a-calling. The problem lies not in confrontation but in one's position, or viewpoint.

From here you can see Eternity, but it takes on it's experiential coloring by being somewhere else.

The so-called 'FreeZone' is definitely somewhere else.

Through observation one may come to see that the way to determine another's intents and purposes is to notice how it is that they act and react with others. Words are not the thing but through cleverness, intentions are disguised as such.

In creating a better environment, perhaps it would be to one's greater advantage to realize that benevolence starts at home. If one's own house is not in order, there comes a tendency to create disorder wherever one goes so as to feel at home.

It's a "Scientologist's" dream come true.

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