This topic was brought up in another thread, but I thought that I should start a new one since it is an interesting subject all on it's own.


In all probability, this should just be considered as entertainment -- YMMV (your mileage may vary).

Monitors originally were designed as a sort of tracking device that could be attached to thetans as a way of relaying back information about what was actually occurring at any given moment in time. These devices were very handy and afforded an up-front and 'live' view of events that were of interest to those who were keeping track of these sorts of things. These devices weren't really necessary at all, but what they did was provide an additional layer of interest in what was going on at the time. The attachment of a monitor to a thetan was voluntary and the thetan was completely and openly aware of it's purpose. As a matter of fact, it was quite fun to have a monitor and to then review all that was recorded by it at a later point. Great gags and pantomime action scenes were created out of the idea of these and if you have ever come across someone who has just received a new video or digital recorder, you probably know what this is like; what these new owners usually do is create all sorts of wild and crazy footage just for the fun of it. It's fun, plain and simple.

Monitors eventually progressed to a point where they not only reported back what was occurring with, on and around the thetan, but could also relay information, which almost always consisted of influential data, on a return flow to the thetan. At this point of the monitor's evolution, the thetan most likely displays unconsciousness in the area of monitors and demonstrates this through the lack of perception and knowledge of the monitor's existence and/or presence. Monitors are currently used extensively by a number of civilizations, although this type of technology is being phased out in favor of sub-sectioning. As a side note, sub-sectioning could be defined as the process of partitioning the thetan into distinctive sections, each with a defining purpose and goal. Each sub-section operates on an almost individual basis, powered by the thetan, but to all intents and purposes, invisible to it. The sub-section which has taken on the role of the 'outdated' monitor, performs the same functions but is now considered to be completely invisible to those who look for such things. Perception has been conditioned to lay exterior to the thetan, while interior areas have been prepared for use.

This is getting quite far off the topic of monitors, but perhaps it will create a path to some knowledge that you yourself have on these 'point and shoot' devices. :o

Have you been sectioned? Please raise your hand if you haven't... :)

That's sort of a joke, but the sectioning of a thetan is not. Luckily, these sorts of things are identifiable and the shape or container in which they arrive matters little. Whether they are identified as 'monitors', 'relays' or even 'robotic machinery', they all fall into the same category.

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Churchie wrote:

In Alice's original post she said "Monitors are currently used extensively by a number of civilizations, although this type of technology is being phased out in favor of sub-sectioning."

So my question here is what advantages do these other civilizations see in phasing out monitors and going to sub-sectioning?

On 15 Jun 2001 09:38 alice replied:

Hi Churchie, I'm glad to see that your interest was perked.

Before I say anything else on the subject, I'd like to say that when I write about a particular aspect of a subject, the flow of concepts and ideas that is expressed always lead to some sort of conclusion. Sometimes, that conclusion is not always obvious, and what is written takes place on a number of different levels with each level enticing the reader, through imagery, to arrive somewhere other than where they currently are. It sounds kind of strange, but that is the best way the I can describe it right now.

In this case, the order of events is not what is being focused on, but the idea of a thetan having 'separate' areas within itself, that it may or may not be totally aware of and that this unawareness can be used by others to promote their own purposes which almost always turn out to be, so-called, 'evil' intentioned. (I'm bringing this up just in case it becomes a consideration - for one for us. :-) )

To place the statement you referenced in time, it would be located way, way down the whole track, but the concepts carried forward would actually be in present time. The mentality has not changed, and so it is 'currently used extensively'.

To get to your actual question: looking at this from an advantage-disadvantage viewpoint, monitoring, using theta particles 'exterior' to a thetan, are more easily spotted than 'sectioning', which would be considered to take place 'within' the thetan. The game under consideration here would be something along the lines of "How can we fool the thetan into granting us control over it." It's a magician's trick and only becomes serious when the thetan catches a glimpse of this happening and starts to resist it. "Resistance is futile... it is how you will be assimilated."

The difference between monitors and sub-sectioning would be the difference between playing under the old 'rules' or the 'new'. It comes down to neither being 'better' than the other, just a different way to accomplish the same thing. That same thing is what needs to be addressed, not the 'how' but the 'why', even though the 'how' will eventually get you to the 'why'.

I hope this helps.

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