Taking Responsibility To The Highest Levels

Determining one's destiny in life is like trying to toast both sides of a slice a bread, at the same time, over a camp fire. The only way to do it is by completely immersing it in the fire. Then, it is surely to get done - in a hurry.

Keeping a close eye on the progress ensures success and diligence will always prevail.

All that we can be responsible for is ourselves. Once self-responsibility occurs, there is a natural progression to do what it is that needs to be done. Jumping the gun by going out to 'fix' the world's problems is to invite pain and suffering. Why is it that so many actually encourage this line of thinking?

Perhaps, just perhaps, additional pain and suffering is sought in order to escape one's own. But of course, it never works out quite the way that is imagined. What does work out is moving that much further away from oneself into areas that are better left untouched.

Who though, can resist not leaving a footprint or two behind on a clean swept beach?

Through trick or trade, involving oneself and coming to terms with the world's problems requires much, much more than a moment or two of idle 'thinking'. Surely, the depth and breath of our extensions must be allowed to reach fruition.

It takes a whole lot more than an imaginary ride through pride to resolve any issue. It takes intelligence.

It's not just about finding out who you are but about the bottomless depths of the Ocean of Life. The way out is not through the twists and turns of experiential delight, but through reality.

Life is not what you think it is.

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