Out-Guessing Time

Wandering the Wasteland, we tend to seek out new life experiences in order to help curb our appetite for destruction. Our inclination to destroy is remarkably infamous for it's transitional effects, and yet, it still does nothing to relieve ourselves from the entrapment of experience - whether that experience weighs itself towards the positive or the negative. Aimlessly, we cleverly move on from one experience to another, fooling ourselves quite thoroughly and knowing full well that some-thing is amiss.

Making our way down the Halls of Time, we desperately hang on to the idea that sooner or later, we will become 'free'. Looking ahead to our future, we relish in our imagination and yet here we are today, completely ignoring what is in front of us, here and now. It's not call the Stream of Time for nothing, for in it, we are carried along, just barely keeping our head above water immersed in our Hopes and Dreams. Sooner or later, we will become saved.

What foolish thoughts we entertain in order to not see.

When our future becomes bright, our present languishes and since the only time that exists, or could ever exist, is the exact moment of here, there is a tendency to accept not being here as the Present Moment, or Reality. After all, Reality is nothing more that seeing and being in this exact moment. Not taking up residence in a split second ago or in the moment of what is to come, but being fully conscious NOW.

It is what all religions dare hope to achieve, but unfortunately, thinking and pondering about what could be or intellectualizing about what might be or historically enraptured in the what was, all come to naught. Thinking that we have escaped time is just a clever way of fooling ourselves into doing nothing.

Experience likes to remain as experience - what else could be it's desire?

Running fast and furious we happen to look down at our feet to see that for every step we take, or giant leap we make, we remain firmly in the grasp of experience. It's a two-edged sword and the only way out is to realize that no matter how much you struggle, all that you are doing is fighting yourself to overcome yourself. It's definitely a weird way of thinking and acting.

Perhaps it's time to start looking at yourself in a new way. And when that is done, perhaps it will be realized that it's not about what you think, it's about what is. It's also called honesty. It's impossible to see what is when you are furiously running from it at the same time.

Who do you think you are fooling?

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