Tag: running

Running Scared

As we pursue our interest and interests in seeking, our attention comes to be fixed on an idea which we truly delight in expressing. Such joy do we find in this expression that we want to ensure that all are able to participate. Unfortunately,... 29 Mar 2007

Running In Circles

Having the mind delve into the problem of human nature is like having a hamster seek for the end of the wheel. In order for resolution to take place one must look anew at the situation being attended. In other words, an exterior untainted... 06 Dec 2005

Out-Guessing Time

Wandering the Wasteland, we tend to seek out new life experiences in order to help curb our appetite for destruction. Our inclination to destroy is remarkably infamous for it's transitional effects, and yet, it still does nothing to relieve... 15 Dec 2003

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