Taking Oneself For A Ride

Walking away, we tend to seek new experiences, new life, not here, but over there. Somewhere else is where all the happenings take place and we feverishly seek them out. Looking within comes to mean nothing more than a momentary pause in our fearful lives. Running, we must FIND.

It's not an easy task to see oneself without being clouded over with turmoil and strife. A busy mind is a happy mind - and in so calling a taxi, we gratefully climb into the back seat.

"Take us where we want to go.", comes the 'natural' urge. "We want to go free".

Expressing delight in our conviction, we dive deeply into the Night, knowing full well that we are not going anywhere. Appearances are an important part of Living, is it not? It becomes quite important to go no-where in style and 'grace'. Who, exactly, are we fooling, anyway? Eventually, we come to realize that we have bitten off much more than we can chew, and so we back away from our experiential feast in a momentary pause of satiation. Quickly, our hunger makes itself known and capitulating, we climb back into the back seat. "Driver, take me where I want to go."

Yes, we are most definitely in control.

Keeping pace with those around us, our own unique 'bubble' protects our journey. Safe and secure, we relish our 'freedom'. How is it that spirituality could ever invade such contentness and 'peace'?

Which ever way you are going, you will never escape this Universe alive.

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