Giving One's Birth-Right Away

The Creator is that which created man-kind1. In It's infinite capacity of Creation man-kind is but one page out of an encyclopedic volume which knows no bounds, at least from man's perspective - and this is the perspective from which we are given to view our place in His2 Universe. This is the place from which we establish our birth through which our expression takes root and flight. We live out our days according to our nature and in so doing we remain ever ignorant of all else. What great works the Creator displays is left up to us to divine, appreciate and embrace. God does work in mysterious ways only because of our lack of understanding and in our lack we sometimes confuse our own self-pride with greatness. On the contrary, playing god is no match for being god which is no match for Creation. In His field of play we are all pawns.

Humbling one's self in respect and admiration man comes to know of his place in His Universe. But in the loss of attention the Creator just seems to fade away. It is not His wish but one's own to determine the free-will adventure of turning one's back upon Creation and walking away. In so doing the deed we become the victims of a consequence for-ever languishing upon the rocks called the cycle of life. In turn we take turns to be all that we can be. As we are Destitute And Dying the lines are long during the time of sorrow, lining up for one's fair share of bread and circuses at the soup kitchen. Looking for a hand-out, we bend over backwards to comply.

This is the state of affairs upon the Earth today.

Reinventing the wheel will cause the wheel to continue spinning on it's merry journey but that is not the point. The purpose of 'awakening' consciousness upon the fields of play called 'Earth' is not to improve the conditions of humanity but to promote and encourage the blind leap called faith into the abyss of Creation. If Creation doesn't swallow you up then one might as well continue ever onward into the journey of going one's own way. There are already more than enough takers of that so perhaps one may ask of one's self, "What's the harm?" What's the harm of doing something completely different? What's the harm of trying something so outlandish that it just might work.

Yes, it just might work. When leaving the self-centeredness of childhood behind one just might get a peek behind the veil of ignorance. Enriching one's own sense of superiority is ignorance and despite what may be done upon the threshold called the law of the land one simply cannot hold back the turning of the tide. As the life-cycle turns 'round and 'round so too does the expression of consciousness upon the fields of play - eventually coming to rest neither upon one side nor the other but upon the special place where the roar of silence can be heard - and understood. Are you listening?

Giving up all that one is in order to create this moment is commendable but one cannot give away anything other than one's free will and though the takers are aplenty, all standing in line awaiting your conviction, it does not mean that you no longer have free will. On the contrary, all that is given away is the appearance of your birth-right3, your free and unencumbered will. The choice is yours and ever remains so. If you wish it to be otherwise, well then, that is what you shall have.

This is the reason that upon this field of play there is the appearance of dominion and destruction. Sometimes Creation gives us time of calamity in order for us to recognize the blessing we are. The candle4 is nary noticed in the stream of bright sunlight but in the turning of the dark it shines forth plainly for all to see.

The tide has turned and there is no going back. Now all that need be done is await the effects of the pebble being dropped upon the waters of life and living.5

This doesn't mean that the couch-potato or the one with their head in the sand need do nothing as that route implies the loss of responsibility and therefore elicits the full detrimental effects of the wave now called the Tsunami of Change. Would one not be better served to embrace the pebble's effect full-on instead of waiting for the tumultuous calamity of our own lifestyle to be wrought down upon us?

When one gives away to the plantation owner their birth-right there is no place on this or any other planet that will be safe from the effects of such. You can run but you cannot hide.

Isn't it time to face one's self in the mirror and say, "What the hell am I doing?". Once one awakens I guarantee that between the Heavens and the Earth man shall prevail. Is this not something you too can agree with, to create a world where man-kind can live as the Spark of Creation that is it's birth-right?

Surely is there nothing else more important than to follow the balance of Creation into the land of milk and honey called Faith. If you don't believe me then go ahead and reach for another potato chip while changing the channel. In the land of complacency being ever-vigilant is not only heroic but could very well change the course of human history. Anything short of that is nothing less than just another day working the fields of the plantation called Hell for the Beast who is never satisfied just with the one meal called you. In so falling we take our family, our children, our neighbors - everyone down with us. You are never alone despite the plantation owner's assurance that you are.

As a Spark of Creation you are your birth-right. All the rest is just... history.

  1. man-kind: the kind of species called 'man', further distinguishable by 'male' and 'fe-male'. 

  2. 'It's', 'His' or even 'Her' all point to the same thing, the Creator. It has been said that Creation is the feminine aspect of the Creator but there is no interest here in splitting hairs. According to your own proclivity you can replace the reference used here with whatever term you wish to use, it really doesn't matter. 

  3. birth-right: In birth you become 'endowed' with God-given 'rights' which is just another way of saying that we all share the same unifying characteristics and qualities of Creation - namely free will. This is quite important to understand especially in light of putting into perspective the how and why of what is going on here on this planet. 

  4. "Where there is but one candle in the darkness, there is Light."

  5. Catch the Wave

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