There Was a Warning Given

When you are told that your time is at hand, it will already have been too late.

Hubbard was imprisoned, drugged and maltreated by the people of his own organization. The only reason he lasted as long as he did was to pay the price that must be paid. But through the ordeal of living out the end of his life in a rundown, beat up trailer, a future was being created. We are now living in that future and even though those responsible for his death and those who bear that responsibility through association have been living the life of plenty, their end is surely catching up with events already foretold.


There is no saving yourselves at this point. There is no redemption for those who enslave others in total disregard to Life. There is no way out but through the way which you have already created for yourself. The future is not what you make it, it is what you have already made. You made your choice, now you will come to know of the effects of that choice.

The dead do tell tales.


The religion of Scientology has had it's heart stolen and replaced with the blackness which now runs strongly throughout the organization. This religion is not one man's dream. It is not one person's windfall nor to the benefit of those who lust for power and wealth. Scientology is for Mankind. It is a philosophy which requires not one cent of exchange in order to reap it's spiritual heritage. Scientology is an understanding of the way of life. It is knowing how to know. Understanding cannot be purchased and is definitely not for sale to the highest bidder. Clearing the planet is not overt action to embrace power, wealth, fame or slaves. It is to promote understanding of who and what we are. Of what we are doing on this planet and of what our future holds for us. What is true for you IS true for you. Truth is not what you are told it is. Truth comes from the seed of understanding which is nurtured by those who already have come to know of the truth, and in their actions, they display a desire for you to know of it as well. CLearing the planet thru Scientology principals can only be accomplished by those who have come to know of the truth for these are the only people who know what the term 'ethics' really means.

The CoS cupboards are bare and those who have stolen it's glory will surely find the rewards which they so justly deserve. There is a time coming where Scientology will once again become known as the religious philosophy that it once was. The Golden Fleece, as many have already come to understand, is nothing but an illusion. Sooner or later, everyone comes to see that as well, no matter the effort expended in conviction otherwise.

Pointing fingers tell tails.

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