Deception And Control (New Forum)

There is a new forum titled "Deception And Control" and it has a specific agenda. This is not to say that, along with everything else on this web site, it will not change over time - it will. The idea of being in session while using the forums on FZA is a good idea as it not only resides well with directness, but it is also quite healthy for the Free Zone in general, not to mention all of the individuals who have contact with it.

The additional Forum is also a good indicator toward getting user registration fully implemented.

It may be difficult for those who are already familiar with FZA to come to terms with our new approach, but break dancing is something that is much loved around here. Not it's physical movements but it's abiltiy to redefine our rigidity in life and living.

One cannot be spiritually free without breaking with our present way of life because our present way of life hasn't made us free. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out that something is wrong...

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