The Day The Earth Stood Still

It's quite difficult to lend assistance to those who refuse to acknowledge their own deplorable condition, but it is offerred anyway. It's not an easy task to point out the stones in one's path when the blind do not wish to see, but it is done anyway. It's not a comfortable position to be in when those around us condemn and persecute those who speak what is not desired to be heard, but what must be spoken is spoken anyway. In these days of turmoil and conflict is it any wonder that the planet is considered a prison, housed by prisoners who not only refuse to believe their own status, but fully embrace it as well. In this contradiction lies the certainty that security can be had by leaving things just the way they are, forever.

With spiritual eyes it becomes plain to see the sharp rise in the number of deaths upon this planet and yet few will take the time to see. The souls of the ages cry in dispair and yet few bother to listen. The planet shakes with discontent and yet few desire to feel her wrath slowly building to a release. Prisoners and slaves need not concern themselves with anything other than their own lot in life.

These are very dangerous times indeed and to make matters worse, as this planet makes it's choice between life and death, those who CAN make the choice are no where to be found. Where have all the voices gone? Where are the advocates of justice? Where has all the kindness and goodness in mankind been relegated to? In the stillness before death, silence is heard.

There is no help for those who refuse to help themselves.

Until the ember begins to burn within, there will be no fire. What one welcomes is what one receives. How many chances do we get before we begin to own up to the consequences? There are no problems out in the world, but here at home, we have more than enough to keep us busy. Until such time as our spiritual nature is recognized for what it is we can only continue to stumble and fall as we strive to make headway on our darkened path of misery and hope.

Where are we going?

Just remember that no matter what one does to hold security against the future, NOTHING is certain. All physical means of survival are merely a pledge of hope that we may continue to exist as we have existed, and are doomed to failure. But there is a ray of sunshine in all this and it's called our spiritual nature.

It does not live and so cannot die. As security is for the weak minded so too is life for the spiritual Man. And so the next time the gods come a-calling perhaps it would be best to take a look at one's self before seeking to ensure the continuity of one's prison cell.

Wouldn't it be foolish to do anything else?

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