A Statement Of Historical Precedent

History is nothing but 'look back' time and is actually quite unhelp-full in helping us to define each and every moment, or in other words, in knowing exactly who or what we really are.

Despite all that, I would like to openly state the following so that there will be just a little less confusion as to what is occurring here on FZA. Some of the following may run contrary to the perceptions held by a great many people but it should be understood that perceptions, by their very nature encourage a not-knowingness.

Directness calls for an honesty that forces us to push through the barriers of thoughts, concepts and ideas. Sometimes, these things can overcome us and so we lose our freedom and become a slave to them. No one should be a slave. No one.

I am not a teacher, an example or a cause worthy of anything. But, if one can, through our choice here of Scientology philosophy, come just a little closer to finding out our own true nature, then surely that would be a good thing.

The public or common perception of Scientology is about as far from the truth as the beginning of time is to today. The analogy fits because they are both false.

Scientology has but one goal: to free one from one's self. You see, no one is responsible for your own condition but you, yourself. No one is responsible for your deeds, your thoughts, your desires and your goals but you, yourself.

Spiritual freedom means being free of your self. Being free of all that you THINK you are, of all that you BELIEVE that you were and all that you HOPE that you will become. It's not just getting off the wheel of life, it's getting off the wheel period. It's about SEEING the wheel, picking it up and chucking it into the abyss of knowledge.

You see, knowledge can't hold a candle to knowingness. Knowingness is knowing, there is nothing else to it. So when you hear that familiar phrase of "what is true for you, is true for you", believe it and know that all that you are right now is nothing but what you BELIEVE to be true - and so it is. That's the kind of power that you have over yourself.

So perhaps now is the time is ask yourself, so what IS true?

I can most assuredly tell you that if you honestly ask of yourself that question you will have then begun to travel on the Road to Total Freedom.

It's also called the direct route and so, here on FZA, we use directness. We don't hold up ink blots and say "What is it?", we hold up thoughts, concepts and ideas and say "This is a picture. Got it?".

I care deeply for the spiritual nature of Man, not the idea of what the spiritual nature of man is, but the full and complete actual reality. It's of such importance that it is worth dying for.

If you are willing to give your all to your spiritual nature you will not be disappointed. No Man is denied His rightfull place. I promise you that your rightfull place is right here, right now.

So what are you going to do about it?

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