Getting Past The Thought

Opinions blind us, thoughts rule us and our own sense of superiority destroys us. They all share a common bond and as Free Zone America upholds directness, so too these thoughts and ideas uphold a common basis through which these find expression.

Experience can last forever but that does not mean that it should nor that it should rule the day. In fact, when experience rules the day, we become subservient to it. In other words, a slave.

Awareness can come from finding out what awareness is not, or it can come from finding our what it is because in this polarity awareness lie in both. The difference is in where we think that it will be found.

It's not found, it is already there.

So what is the purpose of creating a religion with all of it's rules, regulations, rites and rituals, to uncover it? Are we merely playing tricks with ourselves. Are we entertaining ourselves with experience to be free of experience?

It's true that the direct route is only for those who are ready, but what makes one ready? Must we add to the storehouse of our perception of who or what we are in order to find out the same?

Thoughts, by their nature, require thinking.

Is there a way out?

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