At The Heart Of The Matter Lies Death

As an island of misfortune we constantly swim against the tides hoping upon hope that our outcome will differentiate ourselves from all others. Surely, we will, and must, succeed in our efforts of domination, control and regret. Turning aside the tides of indifference, we eke out a living among the dead and dying.

Is this the way of righteousness and honor? Has our own belief systems crumbled to such an extent where we embrace the wretched and feed upon the lost souls in the night. Despite the highest ideals, we bottom feed and come to reap what we sow ad in the sowing, we become the tormented and lame.

Can there possibly be a way out from this tormented way of life. Can there possibly exist some other way of looking at and living life than the one to which we have succumbed? In jest we laugh at the world's plight and yet our own deepest nightmare of reality continues unchecked and unstoppable by any human means. We have come far in our urge to be the scourge upon the Land for in our so-called success lies the life we dreamily seek to capture, contain and embrace. Little do we realize that our darkest thoughts are the reality in which we call home and to which we owe our allegiance. Living the lie, we breath easy knowing that our needs will be met.

Hopelessly we drift to and fro until eventually we find ourselves caught in unknown currents of time and space and as these currents lead us into unknown and unknowable waters, our fears quicken and lead us further into the Abyss. Is this the way of Man?


In times of plight is not effort well spent in coming to know of ourselves for how does one reach the sky when one is chained to the Earth? Isn't it strange that the Earth is the Ball, and the Chain is of our very own making? Where can one escape to? How can any type of imagined freedom do when the cold harsh reality of slavery is overwhelmingly self-evident?

The blind do not see and the deaf do not hear but their own thoughts. Imagine that. A life of our own choosing. And indeed, we do choose the life upon which we color our World. Experience tells us many things but it can never give us what it is we are looking for. Can one experience one's own Beingness as being separate and distinct from one's own self?

It takes courage to look at one's self in the mirror of life and to recognize that going out into the world in order to experience that self is quite foolish. Where will you find yourself other than every where and every when you look?

Through whose eyes do you see and with what thought do you uphold as the goal of your life experience? There is more to freedom that being free to do as we please. The thought of survival can quickly overtake and doom us all but at the heart of the matter lies death for without the death of identity freedom is just another word for living in Hell.

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