Freedom is Loosed Upon the Land

Coming from the heavens, on gentle wings of destruction, the carrier group two-oh descends upon the chosen. Leads us not into battle, but deliver the evils to a place not soon forgotten. Justice is surely a heavy, heavy weigh to carry but carry it they must as the exodus begins from the group. Out into the depths of despair, might brings right.

Setting the tone, wooden soldiers lose their footing and tumble with ease. It is any wonder that fear is Man's worst enemy? Coming to grips with oneself is purely for the brave.

But the brave have no place here since in this skirmish the souls of men, past and present, wait to be awoken from their sleep of Darkness. Sweeping out among the peoples, there are to be no prisoners. The third bell is all but forgotten, but for some, it is a clear and present danger, while for others it is welcomed with open arms.

As the pauper hides in royalty, discernment is not an issue and falling without Grace means nothing less than facing one's own crimes against Mankind. Upon the mirror of Man's soul, it is to be a dark and forbidding Night, but as is the place of all Grand Schemes, Night turns to a new Day and in that day of Days, Life begins anew.

The time of running, the time of hiding has ended. There is no where and no when to turn but here and now. In this moment of great peace, a settling of affairs comes naturally. With no tide to turn nor haste in our Hearts, the Universe shakes in delight. Though it not be in the fold of legacy, none-the-less time honored traditions continue unabated. Strength is never in numbers but comes purely from within.

There is no strength in Darkness but what is freely given.

Cutting the cord, Freedom is loosed upon the Land.

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