Our Human Form Drops Away

Faith is the giving up of all mental tendencies, of all concepts and ways of life and living in which we find comfort for in comfort lies death and destruction. Faith is an unending stream of insecurity where nothing is certain but our wholeness with and in God. As the maker and destroyer of all that is, we can only place ourselves at it's complete mercy. The giving up of ourselves is all that we have and that that we can do. The living of life is not for us.

But what is for us is complete and total surrender and in this peace of unending depths, we do not find what we are looking for but rather become what we have always sought. Walking side by side with All That Is we find ourselves in very good company indeed, but in fact there is no company in which our minds may find solace. We walk alone with harmony and therefore are never are alone. When the seeking ends, life begins.

In a time of lost faith and the lack of understanding constant experience tugs at our will and forcefully moves us to and fro. As we are carried along, eventually, nothing makes sense until destiny or fate seals our victory. And in that victory we find that once again, nothing makes sense for in the lost of sense we find freedom from thought, from action, from experience. As a monument to God, we become the immovable, everlasting way of truth.

Faith takes one for a ride thru hell and back, repeatedly. Can time possibly be on our side?

Once the surrender is complete, so are we. In complete and utter harmony peace is our nature and there is no turning back. Having tasted the nectar of the gods, our human form drops away.

Faith can be defined as: a idealized conception of selfish desire. ex. Faith in the bible being the word of God. : the bible being used as a way to get closer to God with the benefit being considered a 'chosen' one. Chosen over others who are thought to be less fortunate than oneself and thereby achieve status in God's eye. All are equal and so faith is merely an expression of justification.

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